Tree of Savior

Show me ur most beautiful Character


Can u show me? I need new ideas for my other 15 characters. I love the color combinations that can be used.



All my characters are beautiful :blush:


Show me and prove it :heart_eyes:


sad I cant get into the game right now to take pics…

the day is quite… SMASHING :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: ok then


I have a lot that I like the appearance of…

apricity chi dawn july june shiny virgo

Btw the green lenses look terrible, just sayin. Way too bright green. :expressionless:

edit: I am also sad my SR edgelord is gonna lose ranger3 :sob:


My White, Grey, Black and Pink “colored” chars

In my opinion, unlockable class costumes and special c3 costumes are the best looking ones.
And Short Cut Firm hairsyle is <3


Sorry about the pet bars in the first one.
Also, I’m too lazy/busy to log on to do some of my favorite fashion combos… these are kind of old pictures.

I really like this costume a lot tbh, enough to have two of them. Best costume.

I have a lot of costumes, but I prefer to work with changing hair/eye colors and class costumes. Helps to fit the character’s theme, anyway.
I’m very picky when it comes to the premium costumes…


My Rangerc3 is just like yours practically, i love ur characters


I love the last costume. I need get this, just for the custome :heart_eyes:


I need this school uniform -



This is easily my favorite setup right now.


loved it!



She hasn’t changed her appearance since the spring flower dress came out, 2+ years ago. Lol



Wow you guys are great at matching your hairstyle, hair color, clothes style, and clothes color.

I would post some of mine tonight. I’m at work right now, again X(





You are all blind, only the dumpling can be beautiful, as it represents our lord.



No kepa D: shame on you all…

Sadness I forgot I disabled zoomy+ and most of my add-ons :pensive:


well am simply sexy, I got the black maid one on box, but I will open to celebrate RE:B with some nice tea