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Should newbie play this game now?

Should newbie play this game now?
Is it difficult to find pt for dungeons?
And what do newbies need to do?

Come and try, don’t listen to the jaded people on the forum, you can find some guidance in your server’s TOS_Support Guild, if you never played you’ll be automatically added to it on your first login.
If you’ve played in the past you might have to apply from Alt+R, it’s a guild where you can ask for info/help.

A great portion of the game is based on casual or solo content so you don’t need to be really invested to play comfortably. There’s harder content that requires you to make parties manually with others but it’s not the main focus unless you want.


Why not? It still has great atmosphere…

Don’t bother with dungeons if you start the game.

  1. Create a character that you will name “Tutorial” and do the level 450 tutorial, then delete that character
  2. Create a level 1 character, store the Growth equipment in your personal storage and do the main questline with whatever equipment you get from the quests. This will occupy you for some months where you will have the best of fun…
  3. Explore the maps, complete as many collections as you can, unlock the side quests, join a guild, have fun
  4. When you’re ready, go back to your storage, equip the Growth stuff you left behind, join the endgame grind and reassess if you want to continue playing or not
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Once you finish the tutorial you get the first new player settlement box pop-up.
Just leave the character up there if you feel lost and make a new one to start at level 1, don’t delete it.


Yeah you have 4 slots anyway

I don’t think so. The game is very outdated, and it has become a former shadow of what it used to be. People thought it was going to be the next RO successor! Even so, you can still enjoy it. It’s a good filler!

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If you want to try the game out, sure. If you want to find a game with a community and meeting people, then don’t. It’s dead af.

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From my perspective,
For long time and full invest time/money game, big no
Just to try, casual play, sure, it’s free
I said this game is newbie friendly
To the point it gives you lot of privileges to skip lots of what made the game fun
whether as f2p or even more benefit as p2w obviously
But that’s during population is healthy and there’s fellow newb to tag along on the journey
Optionally you can jump for free or even jump higher as p2w and skip many game hassles
And at some point you will hit by grind wall
Thats when you realized the time you have to spend to be endgame gamer, or how much you gonna have to pay for it

Yes, the game can still be fun!
Join your server’s Support Guild to help you start on your adventure :sparkles:

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1- Great Atmosphere indeed, beautiful visuals as always, what a waste of a game.
2- Doing dungeons with friends is what ANYBODY seeks by coming into this game at first, nobody comes to ToS for a solo RPG experience, I really doubt it.
3- Great that you tell him to do that, but you’re being an ■■■■■■■, this game is flawed from its core, and playing it from the beginning to have people hate it midway because you weren’t honest sucks.

As of right now the current state of the game is that, you’re given the option to start as a high level character and disregard all previous content to the endgame one, withtout learning a single thing through instinctive progressive gameplay, having to literally STUDY to learn the game mechanics and slight notion of the lore, on top of everything, a dead playerbase, why? Because veterans are tired and mad about changes not being done and newbies are quitting within 1hr of playing because they don’t understand not the game itself but what is the point of playing this game at all.

Oh, about lore wise, the new starting zone puts you on a situation that is fine to start on ep 12-2 and not get lost on the history. Its like a second quest line that starts on a high level.

I created one character to see what it was about. Its still a mess of a start (really fast for anyone starting the game)

I don’t think it’s cool for anyone to start right away with a big role, specially when the most attractive thing about ToS is that you grind your way from looking like a regular adventurer and defeating disgusting demons and monsters struggling, to becoming a real demon slayer at some point.

Bad practices make great games die.

ty guys, I decided to play another game. Love you guys


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