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Should I invest time into reaching end game?

I have a weird relation with ToS.
I’d love to get more invested but I’m more of a casual player with limited time available to play.
I’ve been around since betas, seasonally switching back and forth from playing and taking a break.
I feel very disappointed that this game turned all it’s attention to end game, leaving behind all it’s old content. I guess that’s a result of game growing too big relatively to it’s playerbase…

Anyway, despite all the time I had, due to various reasons, max level has always eluded me. I have yet to max even a single character. As you surely realise, that makes me feel left out.
I was hoping that some of the experienced players could help me answer the question wheter I should invest the time to finally do so.

Consider the following:

  • I’m a casual player, with limited time to spend.
  • I couldn’t care less about fancy gear or bragging rights.
  • I couldn’t care less about meta or being “strong”.
  • I enjoy finding my own or uncommon way to do things.
  • I can enjoy teamwork, as long as it’s not too simple nor too tryhard.
  • I like having a clear and relevant role to fulfill (even if it’s a boring or supportive one).
  • I don’t like being carried. That’s zero fun.
  • I don’t like playing with stronger players when I feel like I’m irrelevantly contributing nothing.
  • I don’t mind spending time on useless activities as long as it’s fun.
  • Despite being an introvert I like to socialise in games. It gets depressing for me easily when I get left behind though. (Especially in ToS that has been toying with me like that for a long while now.)

If I maxed out a character, do you guys think I could find something entertaining for me at the end game?

I’m worried that having invested the extra time I would find only repetitve tryhard grind chase for gear after gear after gear. Is that a justified concern?

Is there content that is fun to do with various players despite gear difference?

Do you have any recommendations for what I could focus on? Class, role, content?

How long do you estimate would it take me to reach a point where I could “properly” play with others?
Which steps would I need? Which gear to aim for to start?

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This video should answer a majority of your questions.
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Thank you for the link. I appreciate it.
Unfortunately, it didn’t answer my questions.
It only contains general explanation without getting much into the details.

I was hoping to find answers more specific to my case.
I also asked specific questions at the end of my post.

Well your playstyle fits mine - at least a bit.
For your first question: yes you can find something entertaining at the end game but due to your time and slow leveling - as you posses limited time to play - you can find yourself doing the same things and being very limited. You can do: challenge modes, kill amiss dog, farm on mapas if it makes you feel happy, some dungeons {ignas, wastrel, asiomage etc}. And you can do all this by yourself or playing with someone else.
Your second question is … more or less. Like I said before, maybe you can do all the same things OR maybe you can find something you really like to do in the game. You don’t have to farm all the time to have better gears. You can play on your own AND as long as you save money you go buying things for your character.
Your third question: I don’t have this information. BUT you can do a lot if you have episode 11 gears reward.
For your class I suggest the one you like more. To help you better, choose a tree {scout, archer, swordsman etc} and I’ll help you with that.
To start from the very beginning you can do all the questline (press F5 and do it all). If you do everything you’ll be 440 (no joking) and you’ll have some proper gears to try to go to challenge mode on Sajunga Road or Vieniebe Sheltter.
To help you better…
Just tell a little bit more about your class pick and what you really wanna do.

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No worries, you’re not the first one who has weird relation with TOS. I came back to TOS 5 months ago, and all i had was Savinose gears for the next 1-2 months until I decided to push forward with Varna equipment.

If I maxed out a character, do you guys think I could find something entertaining for me at the end game?

Hard mode end-game contents like Hard Moringponia and Hard White Witch. There’s pvp as well if you don’t mind trying it out contents like GTW, Gemfeud (This is fun!), and TBL!

I’m worried that having invested the extra time I would find only repetitve tryhard grind chase for gear after gear after gear. Is that a justified concern?

Great question by the way, but you should worry more about RNG instead. Almost end-game items like Archstone, Vaivora, and upgrading Boruta seal is super RNG. There’s even time someone manage to land 2x arch stones with just 10m investment on Goddess Grace. When there is someone who spent 2.5B just for a single arch stone (Yes, this is real by the way).

Is there content that is fun to do with various players despite gear difference?

It also depend on classes build. Something like Cleric support is super fun in most situation like Healing Crusader, tanking Paladin with barrier, etc. OR even Hunter from Archer! (Most wanted class right now for Singularity).

Do you have any recommendations for what I could focus on? Class, role, content?

You should make more than 1 character for several purposes:

  1. Priest - PD - Diev = DCP 11+ Turn undead strategy, side-healer, etc.
  2. Main = Cleric/Wizard/Archer/etc. I personally play Sadhu-Exo-Crusader. Lot of burst damage with huge damage reduction from OOB + offsetting stats equipment:
  3. LEvel 100 Squire or something (Free teleport camp for grinding on map! Or Singularity respawn location).

You should always have 1 support character and 1 main character for multiple tasks. Not all parties need DPS.

How long do you estimate would it take me to reach a point where I could “properly” play with others?
Which steps would I need? Which gear to aim for to start?

I came back to the game 4-5 months ago with fully end-game equipment (Ataka with new +16 legend 2h weapon) burst composition. Tree of Savior end-game is super nice actually. IT doesn’t take much to reach end-game other than learning the mechanics itself. Unlike Maplsetory… it took me 5 years after Big-Bang to try hard mode magnus.

I also recommend checking out unfunded leveling guide for new/return players. Completely free without requiring any funding/resources to hit 400+ and get your first +11 T10 Savionose legend gear box.


hunter most wanted class for singularity? because loot chance affect debris/dark red stone drop?

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Yup, and falconer combo allows hunter to knock back/CC too. It’s support/cc in 1 package.

hmm, last time i abandon hunter because growling doesnt behave like aiming. Everytime growling is active, i feels like playing with only 2 other classes’s skills

It’s always been the case. Farm 315 + do Solmiki. Farm 360 + do Velcoffer. Farm 400 + do Skiaclipse. Now farm 440 + do Moring/WW. Usually the endgame is meant for people that want n+1 equipment. If that’s your goal, then you will need to spend all your life and probably money on that. Otherwise just enjoy episode 12 casually, that’s what I do.

That’s because experience needed to level grows exponentially towards the max. After maxing 7 chars already, the rule I found is that doing all main quests + Ramda episode 12 quests brings you to level 448. After that, it’s a really really slow process of doing Feud part 1 and dungeon 400 daily for the extra 1-2% or CM7 on episode 12 maps.

Both exclusive. If you’re not meta/strong, you will never find people to do party content, unless you’re dedicated to a specific role (flagbot or healer).

Depends. Currently, people only do endgame content or AFK in town with fancy costumes. If you’re not in top guild or cosplay guild, I hope you like soloing CM or leveling up alts.

Totally justified. Endgame is a grind wall, and a brick wall too. Grinding is not even enough, with the archstone system you will need luck. Good luck if you’re playing endgame content for months and all you get each time is some AP…

Well you can always join world boss, CM, TBL, GTW. Just find a support role that benefits your party. People always look for healers because they’ve maxed their DPS char, and you can be a decent healer without the top equipment. Or you can go with a build that gives buffs.

Between zero and a few weeks. People that want a “ready to go” char will simply buy this month’s Lunar Package, it got everything you need to equip a maxed char with episode 12 gear. All you want is +11 t10 Varna set with either Smugis or Ataka and a set of decent accesories (Moringponia legend for example). Rest is bonus.

We’re talking about Fedimian here. Only one or two parties in the top guild that monopolizes everything on the server are capable of doing those. For others, it’s just a dream.

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Thank you for all your replies. I really appreciate the time you took to consider my case and help.
It’s helping me get a better idea of what are my options.

I guess I should’ve noted one more thing: I’m tired of playing this game alone.
It’s an MMO. You’re supposed to have fun with other people.
I could bear to solo once a while and I realise and don’t mind that I’ll need to solo quests to max my char.
In the end though I am hoping to be able to play in party and be of some importance, without needing ot be carried or having no contribution.

From what you all said I understand that DPS or tanking won’t do without having top grade gear, but support healer or buffer could work, right?
Should I assume that DPS subclasses in my build will be completely irrelevant in party without proper gear?

I’d hate to follow a perfectly cut meta build but perhaps you could help me find a less common build that works.
I have a bunch of different characters. Half of them is lv300+ already.

I think the ones most suited to supporting could be:

  • Hunter/Sapper/Musketeer That’s likely too much DPS and not supporty enough to be helpful?
  • Palladin/Oracle/Zealot That’s surely too much of a tank so also won’t work?
  • Assassin/Enchanter/Corsair This one’s got a ton of buffs so maybe it will work as support?
  • Was also thinking about making some Crusader healer but I have yet to start such char.
  • Did I understand correctly that looting chance is actually useful now? I also have Shinobi/Ardito/Thauma with high looting chance. I wouldn’t mind trying Squire instead of Thauma if that could make it more useful.
  • Alchemist/Necro/Runecaster. I wouldn’t mind switching around here, especially Necro. Can Alchemist be useful as a support?
  • Monk/Chaplain/Zealot It’s a DPS build around attack speed… but maybe it has some support potential? Probably not, but just saying.

I did CMs in party before. They’re an interesting challenge although felt extremely chaotic.
Aren’t CMs all about DPS though? Could I really party up for those as an undergeared support?
Do people do CMs often these days?

I’m also a little worried about bosses.
I did guild Boruta before. It wasn’t very interesting. Top gear person is tanking the boss 90% of the time while everyone just spams their DPS.
Aren’t most bosses like this?

TL; DR: I have two more questions:

  1. What support builds you’d recommend for me? Prefferably have them based on my current builds as much as possible.
  2. Which content exactly could I do with those classes in party, with “casual level” gear within my reach?

why there’s a gaming hardcore video in this forum?

About your gears question: It will heavily depend on which class you have picked.Like: I play as cruzader/exorcist/druid and I did not need varna to go to challenge mode, but:
a) my build is top tier, and
b) I had savinose with good stats and low investment fixed ichors.

But be sure that depending on your party they may kick you from the party because you’re using savinose items :frowning:
After going to CM7 Sajunga/Vieniebe I could farm enough silver to invest into varna items and upgrade my character.
And no: the end game content requires an entire party do be done. You won’t be playing much solo unless you want to.

People do a lot of CMs episode 12 with full party because more people means more loots.
About bosses: no, some dungeons have their own way of finishing so not all of them are equal or similar to Boruta.

About your builds I will talk about what I’ve gone with my own experience:

If you have enough attributes you can play as support but you’ll need survivality.
You can go the flag build: corsair - enchanter - thaumaturge OR corsair - linker - thaumaturge.
As a cleric support you could go: diev - kabbalist/druid - priest.

Wearing middle gear will require you to play the “top builds” and as I’ve seen you wanna skip that.

I love this support build <3 Druid - Priest - Diev but remember to have high CON/def to saty alive and good SPR to heal a lot

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again its always time vs money comparison

this statements should answer your question.
the perspective of casual can be different
but with limited time to spend, it will be even more harder to catch up to the endgame point
but if you got less time to play cause you got more real money irl which is actually better than the inverse, you can always spend it for tos and call it spending for hobby
the endgame mostly are grinds which is painful and boring
and the endgame fun lies in raids/wbr/field boss pt etc will require you to be geared and most importantly good party

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Let’s see…

This is a “must have” for every party and require zero investment. No need to bring DPS when you can contribute by enhancing the DPS of others…

The “flagbot” build. Same as above, you’re just here to buff your party. Linker instead of Thauma works well too.

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If you have limited playtime, trying to upgrade your end game gear in this game is going to be really demoralizing. Other than that the game is in a decent spot at the moment, and certainly curious enough to give it a shot.

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One build I find quite fun that works incredibly as a solo build is Monk, Chaplain, Plague Doctor. You have access to speed boost which is great for just exploring and wandering around.

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Hm. So as I understand it, in the end this boils down to either using top gear or a meta build?
A custom build with mediocre gear won’t get me anywhere. Is that correct?

By custom build I mean some kind of compromise - having support classes but also a little of it’s own identity.
For example, someone suggested to me Palladin/Oracle/Priest. I’d love to try Crusader instead of Priest there, but apparently that won’t be good enough.
Also considered Musketeer/Hunter/Appraiser.
Would these builds be of any use?

I’d really hate to be doing a standard meta-build with no identity of it’s own, like Linker/Enchanter/Thauma, etc.

I don’t necessarily need to be doing top difficulty content.
As long as it’s be something that people do regularly and I can do fine in party without feeling useless.

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You can play any class that you want as long as you deal tons of damage in case it’s a DPS class.
If it’s the case you can play a meta build one for party content (end-game hard oriented) and your own character to do things 4fun. I do this.
I recommend you trying to play for your own and then, inside the party ingame, ask their opinions and see how it’ll work.

It’s probably fine if you’re in guilds/friends to run content with.

But honestly, the reason why people always ask for specific meta builds/etc is because they’re tired of grinding the same content everyday and just want to get it over with quick.

Also another reason why some builds don’t mix well with non-meta builds is because they overlap. For example, if you put a thauma on one of your scout builds and join a cm party then there’s the standard flag build, your entire thauma class could be very well be useless except for a few skills like swell body.

musketeer bossing
hunter cc-bossing-loot buff
appraiser support

It can work and not very common in population, go for it!
Or replace musketeer with tiger hunter+vaivora musket triple step for AOE DPS.

Me too, always look for unique build myself, a jack of all trade between AOE-bossing-support