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Shotgun Class Char in scout or archer tree

Has anyone thought of this class?, or even given the idea to the dev team, it would be like a super really cool class to play with.

when i think of shotgun-ish skills, cannoneer comes to mind though.

That remind me of Cannoneer + Matross combos. These are cannon classes.

Even though it’s arrow-based, Fanwise Shots has the same feel as a “shotgun” type attack. Bonus points if you have the Arbalest crossbow or something with its appearance to make it seem feasible that that many arrows could be shot at once.

If you specifically wanted to use guns, having Bullet Marker and Sheriff on the same build would give you a few skills that would fit the bill. There’s also this specific pistol, which is still obtainable if you put the effort into farming for it. Double Stack - Items - Tree of Savior Database

Yeah but I’m talking about a class with a weapon which looks like a shotty, no doubt there are classes with some skills who looks like it but theres nothing more unique if there’s a specific class.

The double stack is a pistol it doesnt sound or shoot like a shotty

I’m just saying it could be a good idea, and will be a fun class to play with.

Maybe musket but with a “stance” to modify it into shotgun barrel. No visual needed since many doesn’t like forced costume like goon helmet for some reason.