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Shinobi Yellow flower bugged

Hi i am playing in Klaipedia server, NA. The shinobi quest is for picking the yellow eyed flower petal is bugged. Only 1 channel in Alemeth forest and been waiting for 5 hours straight it is not spawning.
Anyone has this issue?


SEA server here. Information sharing only _(:3

According to past information,

  1. The flower will disappear after 15 mins.
  2. The flower spawn every 3.5 ~ 4 hours (probably need to stay at the map)
  3. It may spwan in 4 different spots (4 corners of that entrance way)

In my case I sit and waited for around 3 hours or less (spawned far earlier than i expected).
At that time, the flower is hidden under the top petal of a super big flower in the background
there and i could hardly see it.

As the miko spirit in the swamp will NOT SPAWN sometimes (yeah that 40 mins one)
I doubt the yellow flower is like that too.
But cannot prove that as i dont want to wait for 3.5 hours again.
So probably, if you wait over 4 hours, better change map and come back to reset the waiting time.

If in a hurry, use unlock voucher from event shop. <-main theme (no