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Shinobi quest still the same? Opinions on Shinobi?

Hi, since the latest info in the forums is from 2017/8 and the game changed a lot since then, I got to ask…

1- Is Shinobi quest still the same? I need to find the empty scroll in the jars that spawn every 4 hours?
2- If it’s still the same? Is it worth the effort of getting it over Assassin as a 3rd class? (Ardito/Ench now)
3- What happens to the class xp if I reset the class later.


Shinobi is trash I’m sorry, just don’t. They refuse to increase skill factor or any class synergy, clones don’t replicate other classes skills.

Oh I see… Not even worth it for the fun factor, is that trash? I was considering it because all the attacks are piercing and will lowerd the cd of my grenades, but the quest is annoying.

if you really want shino for fun, maybe buy shino unlock at market, or afk long enough to buy from popo shop. hope that helps :3