Shinobi quest bug


I did everything right up until Reading the note and then going to Mesafasla.

When I spoke to the Shinobi Master, the note just disappeared. No request followed. What happened?

How can I get my note back?

Is it possibile I won’t ever be able to regain it?


dumb question, what build?


you can change to shinobi at any time now (as long as is not your first rank choice) if I remember correctly doing the hidden quests provides you with a title, go to Character info [F1] and check on titles if you have a new one related to shinobi…


Assassin, Shinobi, Enchanter (I’m still wondering about the last one, though).

Ninja Edit: I relogged a few times and then I could advance. Still don’t know what happened but don’t lose hope.