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Shinobi Quest - Account wide?


With the Shinobi class being changed to a fourth class tree - should I even bother completing the quest at the moment?


The quests are character bound, but If I remember correctly you get a Class voucher for each class you unlocked…

So if shinobi will be a main part of your RE:Build then go for it…


Therefor we can just wait til the rebuild and use the unlock voucher rather than doing the shinobi quest? For example I already unlocked three hidden classes (shinobi not included), so i can get 3 vouchers and use one to unlock the shinobi class right?

That’s what I’m planning to do haha


Prob yes, but I forgot if it was a general voucher or a class specific one…

info is on one of the blog thingy, wish I knew where exactly xD


It’s here

I just realize we get voucher SELECTOR, not just the corresponding unlocked voucher. Time to unlock runecaster (easiest one in my opinion) on many characters and get those vouchers :rofl: