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Shinobi and sheriff questions

Hi all returning player here and just been looking through the class changes I seen that a lot of people say shinobi is terrible atm but what classes can synergy with it well ? Does enchanter lightening buffs buff shino lightening skill raiton ? Are there other classes that can work like this for shinobi ?

Also the new class sheriff coming out does anyone know wether it will work mounted with sr ?

answering your second question: Yes it will fully work mounted with SR

well, for Shinobi Class i’ll suggest u to start whit Assasin, then Shinobi and at the end Rogue… let u a “guide” from Tos guru that i’m following just right Now…

this build is focused in the easy lvl up and party Utility… the damage is fully based in your Hidden Skill and the combination of shinobi skills with rogue buffs/debuffs…

Thank you for the guide I’ll go over it :wink:

How to use mokuton no jutsu? I mean got special use?

mokuton no jutsu can be used to flag away the damage of mijin no jutsu, just clone u away, do the full combo of kunai/raiton and then turn on mokuton and quickly use mijin no jutsu to avoid the damage of the explotion…

if u use Lacrymator when u’re doing all this u reach an evasive/agresive buff, with the blind debuff and the double damage of Mijin no jutsu when it reach mobs into lacrymator… ez 600k damage plz

But I don’t care about that minor 2500 damage…and even if I care, why do I even need 10 skill point just for that…you don’t even skill knife throw…maan I’m confused

Mokuton has been trash since the day Shinobi was released. The only scenario where it could be remotely useful is in PvP, and that’s where its bug (which hasn’t been addressed in nearly 4 years) is most likely to happen.

I’ve been using Mokuton (lv1) to escape 1HKO/very deadly boss attacks (e.g. Ignas’ Death Wave/ Velcoffer’s Ground Upheaval and the like). You just need to time it properly on those situations and you’ll be avoiding those skills every time they cast it (CD is usually off by the time they recast their deadly skills).

In PvP, there were a couple of moments on Gemstone Feud that it helped me survive a surprise attack, but it’s not reliable.

My two cents on it, IMC could implement very interesting changes to Mokuton so it worked better. For example, instantly teleporting behind an enemy (on PvP) or adding it some CC/CD reduction on sucessful blocks (on PvE) could be great to add to its utility.

just fix the “guide” taking care about what u say, and actually just use it for survival…