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Shinobi and Ardito Weapons? Main or Sub?

Hi, i have a question regarding the damage of Shinobi and Ardito skills.

Does the damage base on your Main Weapon or your Sub-weapon (like Dagger for Assassin)?

The skills with “Dagger” in their descriptions can prove that they are based on the Dagger.

What about the skills from Shinobi and the bombs from Ardito? I have no clue.

I did try to research before posting but all i saw was an example of corsair skill hexen.

Thank you for helping me with this.

They use your sub weapon.

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The reason you saw hexen is because i think the only skills that use main hand damage are hexen and dust devil, plus the squire skill MAYBE.

Thank you. If only there are some official sources to confirm all this.

the squire skill is dagger only tooo

Ah well then. All swordie skills are based on main hand, even dagger finish, and all scout skills are off hand. Hexen and dust devil still count entirely as off hand attacks, but get some attack power from your main hand as stated in the tooltip, which is also not entirely correct because hexen gets more like 70% from offhand and 30% from main.

I guess maybe some swordie skills might be based on shield tho.

I think pelta and murmilo are shield based
Murmilo - I’m pretty sure