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Shield Mastery: Peltasta = Anyone Know What This Means?


I have not played this game in years. When I got to Peltasta, I noticed one of the attributes has changed from a +5% block increase per level to now

*"Shield Mastery: Peltasta - Increases the number of enemies that can attack you at once by 1 per attribute level when equipping a [Shield]"

What does this mean? I had searched online for any explanation and even typed in many, many searches in this forum to look for any semblance of what this could mean. I could not find anything. I would not be posting this unless there was a more thorough explanation of this attribute. Now yes, this isn’t some essential skill but I honestly felt I couldn’t be the only one to wonder what this actually means. So please, anyone with experience with this attribute, shed some light and help clarify what this means. Thank you


theres aggro limit per character/summon and peltasta with that attribute breaks limit
you can see it in dg 330 that some of them dont even move
its ok when you run dungeon with 4 ppl but its kinda slow to gather mobs alone


Thank you. Greatly appreciate it.