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Share your tought about pet ADR issue in TBL/Feud

So, ive noticed theres many negative issue from different player from different server about pet being able to stacking high-end ADR gear (solmiki pike and shield) in pvp (TBL/feud) and especially pet have insanely high hp nowaday, and as in it seems like theres difference in meta in ktos which they dont “abuse” this pet mechanic which makes it unnoticable by IMC because maybe no one complaining it in ktos.

Also theres a certain add-on that makes you able to enable/disable pet via hotkey (Hotkey addon by eusoogi) which also makes it easier to disable it when linker is around

So share us what do you think about this pet issue and let IMC considering to take a look at this issue, should all/most player that trying to pvp embracing the meta by buying solmiki pike and shield plus that pet add-on, or should it be disabled to make pvp healtier (making it only available for hunter because, only this class can utilize pet and others are solely for riding), or making pet only available for certain classes like GTW.

  • pet gear are allowed in pvp area for any class
  • pet gear are disabled except for hunter
  • other reason

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The only thing I’ve seen recently is pet mounting character in Feud being faster than a character using the Escape gimmick. Made me very sad…

Yeah I’ve seen 900k hps on my pengu. That’s probably just a display error right? Same as the display errors on summons probably…

enable and disable the pet is still nothing compare with the addon to trigger the pet come to you. There are “ppl” abusing the addon in Gemfued same as TBL. kek

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Just make restriction like gtw. You can’t bring pet if not specific class.


come on, how is that an issue? companions having an actual role in the game isn’t game-breaking.

In my opinion what is more gamebreaking is the fact that riding classes gain defense, HP and evasion from companions equipment + have an insane movement speed advantage in PVP that is somehow untouched by the balance changes while movement speed buffs for people on foot like plague doctors modafinil are nerfed, even though it can be countered with slow debuffs or removed by sheriff/miko.

That advantage is way more ill-bearing than anyone using his companion to protect him from a few skills that can actually be tanked by the companion.

This issue will also resolve itself with the SFR-boost incoming, since companions won’t survive taking so much damage with the little defense they can gain from gear alone.

More of an issue are currently:
defense ignore elemental attack buffs + fast auto-attack speeds
ignas card + Boruta Seal Scout stage 1 effect
freezing bullet
frieno set
gun/cannon/bow/crossbow automatically targeting you

Should not allow players to bring pet in Gemfeud/TBL/GTW except for mounted classes(SR, Lancer/Cataphract,) and Hunter. Classes that their atk/skills dependent on AoE Atk Ratio can be completely shut down by this abuse in pvp setting.

My only thought for allowing pets (ADR aside) it that it is the only legitmate counter to the strongest class combo in the game right now, which is genbu/sm/kino.

All that class needs to do to kill you is land a MF, and then Infernal you, earthquake your shadow, and then they are free to damage it while you can’t touch it to disable infernal.

Pets eat the wizard’s earthquake, allowing you to touch your shadow and survive.

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For discussion purpose. I personally think that ADR gear are the result of hardwork and effort poured by players to gain it. And therefor there are no reasons it should be restricted.

However on the other hand, there seems to be addons that can keep your pet near to you and keep feeding it food to recover hp. This is the concern that makes ADR gear +pet abusive. Perhaps this addon should be reconsider.

What does the solmiki pike on pet?

Ctrl C Ctrl V /comeon works as well i guess. Totally legal too :laughing:

The previous pet command addon Mount’er Good already died after IMC killed the function. Now people are using another addon to bind /comeon, which is a bandaid solution created by IMC for hunter’s retarded AI.

What i cant help but notice is some individuals being extremely passive aggressive and trying to pull a moral high-ground just by accusing and pointing fingers. You used the addon as well, you have a history of abusing exploits like bear. Don't you dare come pull off being all holy and goody-two shoes while doing the same thing too.

Every thread, the same passive aggression and image-smearing campaign. Just disgusting

Brand new image? Just call it rename guild

The only difference is we don’t campaign and smear your chatlogs and exploits because there is no point in doing it and totally redundant. You see a bug, you report it via a ticket, or just a make a gameplay bug report thread.


But on the topic, i also agree that ADR shouldn’t be added to pet stats anyway. Other useful stats like crit, evasion, block dont benefit pet anyway. Why should ADR hold a special spot and a place of its own. Should ADR be treated specially, why not just add in the other stats as well :distinguished:

One argument for riding classes:
Your companion share 10% of its physical defense, some percentage of evasion too.

I think its just winning when the only class that suffer with ppl using companions are mostly the meta wizards lol.

ppl get triggered , kek

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When you alone try to defend your point:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Only pdef from gear scale for bonus riding which is 10% of shield/armor plus pet which you can get extra 2k pdef average. Now both evasion and HP no longer scale from equipped gear, solely from pet stats.

I guess your server got someone with 2x +40 shield trans 10 with billions spend on pet stats? That is gamebreaking :scream:

It already changed to +40 mace :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Solmiki pike and plate armor give Aoe defense so pet will get hit instead of owner.
you can make pet aoe def+27

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You know, I’m calling out on all you guys’ hypocrisy when it comes to this issue.

You say it’s ok if the person who rides his companion has any gain from its gear,
but at the same time it’s totally cheating if the one who is not riding and using his companions stats to defend himself?

That’s classical Double Think and Double Speak.

There are just so many more advantages of riding a companion, which is restricted to 2 class trees (scout & swordsman, the class trees with the highest survival and the most crippling PVP debuffs)
that already have a huge PVP advantage.

I’m pointing that out. It’s of more concern for the balance because the trees have already so many advantages and get them fed via enema, with every big update improving their performance.

Then some people found out how to benefit from that companion when not riding and the pitchforks are out immediately, saying that only riding classes & hunter should benefit in any way when in PVP.

So it’s either no benefits from companion (which I’m all for if it comes, no movement speed gain,evasion/hp/def boost from companion riding in PVP) or same rights for everyone to benefit from companion participating in battle.

I see, going to use my huge advantage SR in pvp soon. Thanks


What pvp advantage you talking about? This topic is about the pet not be mounted and just there to suck up the aoe. It has nothing to do with riding class be able to ride a pet. You need a pet to ride for riding class because without a pet you can’t do anything and riding class has its own weakness such as limited class combination. There is a reason why pets are not allowed for gtw unless you are certain class. You can bring a pet to tbl if you plan to ride it sure, but you ADR won’t help you after I assume.

Dude you totally off topic. Go make your own fcking thread and stop bithcing here.

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