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Share your build

Woud you like to share:

  • How many characters do you have?
  • What are their builds?
  • Which one do you like the most?

I myself will start:

  1. Featherfoot - Cryomancer - Psychokino

I love this character although there are too many buttons to press at the same time. Good survivability, Crow Control and debuffs. It lacks damage of course but it’s really fun to play with!

  1. Pied Piper - Musketeer - Falconner

My first char and beloved one <3 It is really good for almost everything in the game. I think all archer builds should have Pied Piper xD

  1. Exorcist - Diev - PD

Focused on CMs, but it can give a really small support sometimes. Rubric + Aqua + Owls + PD’s skills = GG. You cleaned it! xD

  1. Pyro - Ele - Tao

I really love this character but I almost do not play with him. Good for dgs, CMs, raids, leveling etc. Good AoE, Damage, skills rotation and support with the Tao’s cards for all magic damage dealers.


let’s just keep in mind that i’m not an expert in this game, just a casual player with 2400h+ of casualty.

  1. Highlander - Barbarian - Doppelsoeldner

It’s my main character. I love the rotation of this build, i’m never out of skills. I can solo most endgame content but it’s alcoholic (too much SP consuming) and therefore not the most viable build for farming. But I do it anyway, because it’s funny.

  1. Peltasta - Rodelero - Murmillo

It’s my tanking monster. I love tankers in this kind of games, although they’re not the most viable in ToS. After Re:Build this build has improved in damage output due to the Shield Attack attributes. It’s a pretty funny build to PvE with, an unkillable piece of plate that handles the aggro perfectly with some cute damage (as I don’t invest that much on anything but his shield), but people say it’s more viable in PvP (i’m a PvE dude, y’know).

  1. Cryomancer - Psychokino - Onmyoji

My only wiz is a full ice-type wizard, focusing more in CC than raw damage. The cryo-kino synergy is pretty cool as usual, and onmyoji adds good potential for AoE damage. I used to have Taoist insted of Onmyoji, but the playstyle got me bored of depending only on Creeping Death Charm.

  1. Hoplite - Cataphract - Lancer

At this point you can bet i’m a Swordsman main. I really like the mobility of mounted builds, but no other one beats Cataphract to it. This beast is getting buffed since August 2018 and will be buffed even more on the next patches. I like how this build handles AoE damage with cata and keeps a lot of boss-killing potential (with lancer combo). I had Dragoon on this build until Re:Build, but anything with Dragoon just sucks these days.

  1. Musketeer - Tiger Hunter - Appraiser

I always liked Musketeers’ grooming. They’re so stylish and classy. This guy here was a BEAST before Re:Build with the old Sniper’s Serenity buffs. I could easily kill anything with a single combo. These days it’s really balanced, must admit. Musketeer by itself is a pretty diverse class, with casting and AA-ing viability being equally fun and powerful. In this build, Appraiser helps me maximize my boss-killing power with Blindside and Overestimate. Tiger Hunter is still lost in here, but I’m trying to figure out what’s happening to this dude in the next weeks. (Falconer is not an option, too much skills for a single character)

  1. Priest - Kabbalist - Dievdirbys

Just a support guy that I made focusing on healing and keeping people alive. I’m not the best person to talk about clerics, but playing as a support is fun sometimes when I’m not in the mood for DPSing.

  1. Rogue - Assassin - Outlaw

This was my Retiarius before Re:Build but it got boring because I never really liked 1h-spear builds in this game. So when they announced Scout tree there was never really an option for this guy. It’s a surprisingly funny build that deals an decent amount of damage even with the investment of a 7h character, with the infinite stun combining the skills of the three classes. And the Assassin costumes are amazing.

  1. Ranger - Sapper - Falconer

Falconer is insane. It deals great damage and provides good utility skills. About the other classes, I must admit that I’m not that into Sapper anymore, it’s just for the Broom Trap.

  1. Druid - Exorcist - Plague Doctor

As you probably know, this is a DPS monster with the Chortasmata + Black Death Steam + Incinerate + Rubric combo. I haven’t played this character in a while, due to leveling the 8 previous ones, but I like this guy and the Re:Build update allowed me to use the furry form attribute that boots that damage even more.

  1. Fencer - Matador - Barbarian

I never liked Fencer much before Re:Build, but MAN this is good ■■■■ now (although it’s more about Matador diversity and adaptivity than Fencer itself). I’m currently leveling this one, didn’t got Barbarian yet. But it’s a funny DPS build, and the critical boost in Epee Garde + Ole is really significant.

  1. Bullet Marker - Sheriff - Enchanter

It’s 130, so I don’t know ■■■■ about Sheriff/Enchanter yet. By now I’m having a decent of fun and damage output with this, as I’m going the AA BM path.

  1. My leaf penguin is cute
    1. Cryo - Psychokino - Shadowmancer

AoE CC everyday! Good survavility and great pvp abilities!! Super fun to play!

    1. Quarrel Shooter - Fletcher - PiedPipper

Currenly my main character. Nice cc and defense. Fletcher adds a lot of damage to kill bosses and pvp.

    1. Priest - Oracle - Kabbalist

Full support priest. I really like this build cause it reminds me my old days playing as Priest in Ragnarok Online. Cheap build and very usefull for endgame content.

    1. Reiter - Enchanter - Thaumaturge

This character is soooo good to farm items! Easy to play and easy to farm even without good equipment.

    1. Fencer - Barbarian - Reitiarius

I don’t like Swordman class, but this is a special case. I love this build because I like Rapiers but I didn’t like matador xD I barely play it but it is nice.

    1. Pyro - Sage - Chronomancer

Portal shop character and nice combo between the 3 classes. I can’t wait to get Arts.

    1. Featherfoot - Necromancer - Alchemist

I wanted a character similar to Diablo 2 Necromancer /tired Alchemist is ok

    1. Squire

Personal food, lol.

    1. Sadhu Chaplain Krivis

It works better than expected but still is SADhu

    1. Ranger Sapper Hunter

RO hunter xD


Even though I have 22 characters, most of the time nowadays I only play 2:

  1. Warlock - Featherfoot - Shadowmancer

My edgelord wizard. It’s a lot of fun to play, but unfortunately, it is underpowered in both pvp and pve. Weak in pvp because it has 0 CC (and CC is king in this game’s pvp) and because I’m a staff user (rod+shield is much better). It’s not exactly weak in pve, but it gets massively overshadowed by Taoist. Taoist is still by far the best pve wizard class, and nerf-immune.

Warlock has decent single-target damage with the spirits, and decent AoE too, it’s a lot of fun. Featherfoot dps is bad, but the utility it offers makes up for it. Seal-heals are nice, levitation helps, and Blood curse is awesome. Shadowmancer has very bad dps in pve, but I still play it because it’s my favorite class in the game, so I’ll play regardless if it’s good or bad. The one good thing about Shadowmancer in pve is that it can leech dps from others during World boss lol.

  1. SR - Thaumaturge - Enchanter

Used to have linker instead of enchanter, but I realized my weapon is good enough to farm without the help of linker. Overall a very simple character to play. Buff up, swell stuff, alternate bewteen Marching and Retreat, and keep holding the auto-attack key while Marching Fire is down.

Enchanter used to be my 2nd most favorite class before Re:build, and while I think it isnt as fun now, I can say for sure it is more useful now. Thauma is as useful as ever for farming, but I do miss the overpowered Swell Left and Right. And I dont even need to comment on how good SR is…


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