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Shadowmancer and Sorcerer questions?

Hello guys,

I am new on ToS, i am lost in all the classes and possible combinations, but i am very interest about Pet Classes. I am looking for something that can work well in PvP (Arena or/and BG).

I am Lvling a Warlock + Bokor and plan to take ShadowM as the 3rd class.

But i got some questions about Shadowmancer :

  • Is it possible to cast spell from the Shadow Pool “form” ?
  • When Hallucination’s clone is active, if my character take some damages, these damages are transfered to my Hallucination’s clone, right ?
  • Infernal Shadow “stagger” player who got his shadow stolen if the shadow is hit by a Shadowmancer’s skill (from the description), that mean the player is root or stun ? For how long ?

About Sorcerer, i saw a video that list all the Devils that you can get from Summoning skill, some of them apply cc when they hit (knockdown mostly).

  • Is the Summoned Devil can CC players ?
  • Is there any Devil that can Freeze/Stun/Root/Silence ?
  • Could it be viable to get a Devil that can CC as a support for a PvP purpose ?

Thank you for to read my post, GL HF.

  • N/A

  • N/A

  • No

  • Froster Lord

  • Froster Lord

  • Froster Lord

I guess Froster Lord is a great Devil for the Sorcerer’s Grimoire, i will check for it so, thank you.
What the “No” answer ? Is Infernal Shadow Root ? Stun ? Or maybe the description is wrong and it don’t work at all as a CC ?

You can’t cast anything while inside Shadow Pool, its 100% a defense/mobility skill.

Alrights, thank you for info.

Not sure, but Warlock and Bokor seems to do a lot damage, then i am looking for a support class for the 3rd one.
Shadowmancer look nice, Blind debuff (Shadow Thorn + Shadow Condensation), some CCs (Shadow Retter + Infernal Shadow) and Def skill (Shadow Pool + Hallucination), also it deal Dark Damage.

But maybe there’s better as support CC/Def ? Cryo ? Sage ? Omnyoji ?

I really want to keep Warllock + Bokor.

You dont need Shadowmancer to cause blind debuff, you can use the evil spirits from warlock instead, they also give Blind.

Featherfoot is a good choice for pve. It has a 50% dmg boost to Dark damage, self-healing and a bunch of other good stuff.

But for pvp, the best classes are Onmyoji, Cryomancer and Psychokino. Warlock, Featherfoot or Shadowmancer can work well too. In pvp, CC is king, which is why Cryo and Psycho are so good. While Onmyoji is for huge AoE dps and tankyness (Genbu Shield, if you have good gear). I don’t know exactly how good or how bad Bokor is on pvp though, but from what I’ve seen I would put it more on the bad side.

Thank you very much for these advises !

Cryomancer look very nice, Freeze effect and Sub Zero shield. I will give him a try instead of ShadowM.

I keep Bokor because i like Pet class, but if it’s really impossible to play with in PvP mode, i will switch with the Class Change Ticket i got for something stronger. I think for CryoM + Omnyoji + […] ?

I focus on WarL+Bokor+CryoM for now, thank you for help.

Warlock-Bokor is a PvE pair. I’m using the combo with Sorcerer for extra damage, utility (Salamion can blind + heal, Servant gives unlimited SP pool when combined with squire food), and coolness. I wouldn’t recommend mixing dark based classes with anything else. If you want a pvp char, make a cryo-kino-onmyo.

I challenge some of my friends to pratice before TBL (i made some duels as ShadowM+Bokor then i used my Ticket Class Change for ShadowM + Warlock),

About ShadowMancer :
Infernal Shadow seems a bit buggy but when it work, just throw Mastema and Pole of Agony on the shadow, it’s deadly.
Shadow Fetter is very hard to land :

  • Against a Melee (Swordman/Scout) i wait for the opponent rush me then i lock him with SFetter,
  • But if it’s a Wizard/Archer, it become very complicate.

The Pool and Hallucinate assume their role to keep me alive.

About Bokor
Agree that the Bokor don’t work well, even with the buff (Samediveve) + a possible lock (SFetter or InfernalS), hard to get a window to use Damballa.
But Mackangal is very good if combinate with the Pool. I think about to max it than to get Zombification 15/15.

About Warlock,
Nothing particular to say, it deal damage, i cannot compare, i never play others DD classes, but the damage deal by Warlock look insane, Mastema + Pool of A + few Spirits, if the guy cannot jump out from the danger zone, he will die.

ShadowM and Warlock are fine for now, Bokor seems weak if the Zombie have to run after the opponent.

I will up another character with Cryo + Psyko + Omny for real PvP session.