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I have some doubts about Build Shadow-FF-Taoist.

1 - What skillbuild to use?
2 - What is the best skills rotation?

Thank you very much in advance!

didnt see this post but same question here

I didn’t find any post about it!

made apost after you so i deleted it asking the same questions

This is an extend build for Shadow-FF (dark wiz burst build)
use the same build as shadow wiz
but only when U has an ark that deal lightning damage.
so Tao come into play for that

after burst all damage skill with the help of storm calling that give extra damage
when ur ark activate U will has buff tridisaster charm to boost that too

something like this

shadow vaivora is a must.

combo should go like: buff yourelf, approach enemy, (use storm calling if ark thunder or storm), then kurdaitcha, infernal shadow, shadow fetter, shadow thorn x4, (shadow conjuration if not full stacked), shadow condensation, enervation, blood curse, ngahundi x2 (or blood sucking if dahlia ichor set).

Taoist skills are filler. You pick the class mainly for Lightning Charm buff, wich is an average +32% final damage.
I don’t play the class, but it should be something along those lines.

For Build Skill, it would be ideal to upload “ShadowPool” + Art and also Ngadhundi. Are Valivora and Set Channeling strictly necessary? sorry for the excess of questions!

Yes. Channel set more so than Vaivora. Excluding the dps increase skills (Infernal, Lightning Charm), your strongest dps skills are 1)Kurdaitcha, 2)Shadow Thorn, 3)Blood Sucking.

Shadow Pool is useful to cheese some raid mechanics such as Telharsha Ashes, I recommend using the 3 extra skill potions to get Pool lvl3. 1.5s duration Pool is enough to avoid most mechanics, so 3 points are enough. Shadow Conjuration is useless, you can remove it as you’ll never use it once you get the Vaivora.

As for Ngadhundi, there simply aren’t enough points to max it. Blood Sucking is very, very strong once you get the Channeling set, making it a must max skill.

I personally have this:

Divine, right, good for that Build?

I believe the arks name is either Storm for aoe targets (up to 7)
and thunderbolt for single target (higher damage)

it depend on which content u focus

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I have a Pyro-Elem- So aimed at AOE, and I wanted a Boss Killer, taking advantage of a good part of the Esquips. I figured that with Overload, it would be something viable. I would buy only to go to.