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Sexual Reassignment Surgery (right or wrong)

Was contemplating about this topic, wondering if people agree with it or not. Should people change from male - female / female - male? I just want to read interesting opinions on this since I, myself am interested. lol

If it’s what a person wants out of their life, then yes. It’s really no one elses business what someone chooses to do with their own life, atleast under this sort of subject matter.

And personally, I’d rather see happier people in the world and not people who’ve chosen not to fully transition or partially, w/e, and wind up being absolutely miserable because of it.


I’ve read that there is a very high rate of regret and that people often end up more miserable afterwards.

If you’re under 20 and having some kind of identity issues, it’s probably temporary.

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Afaik this is impossible to do. All you can do is change your phenotype, not your genotype. So you’ll still be a man or woman, but look like the other sex.

This is going to make your life more than complicated and you’ll become at best the laughing stock and at worst the hatred of others as you’re going against moral values and religion. There’s also the toilet issue (which might get you in trouble with the law if you visit the phenotypic toilet as people could sue you e.g. for indecent behaviour) that might bring you a lot of disgusted stares&trouble.

Finding a job where you are part of the “face of the company” (e.g. service occupations) might prove difficult, and depending on your looks and developement, you might even count as a transvestite in public.

Last but not least the marriage issue (which best isn’t discussed in this forum as the Staff is pretty intolerant against certain opnions)…

So, if you’re ready to ruin your life over being unpleased with your identity, by all means go for it, but don’t blame others for criticising you afterwards for going against history,biology, the state and religion with your choice. I think it’s far better and more tolerable to be an effiminate man or masculine woman that stands his/her ground firmly than adjusting ones gender to the beliefs of society.

Only that is true freedom and true self-confidence.


Long story short, be whatever you like!

But better handle it before puberty kicks in or testosteron will mess up your body (male-female)

The female-male transition on the other hand is always pretty smooth and leads to decent results at any age.

In the end, adult people can do whatever they want with their bodies, it’s no one else’s business.

The hard part is that it isn’t morally accepted yet, so prepare to face society judgement.

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