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Sexual Content in chat [SA]



also, someone pls buy my +15 primus pistol :wink:


I too already blocked this Hyuen28. Also is important to state that there are minors and girls playing the game. Its more than innapropriate. I hope this player gets a punishment.

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This guy is a piece of trash. I suspect that he isn’t even gay and just sh*tposting those sexual content to harass LGBT+'s community and give more fuel to homophobic people. Isn’t the first and seems like that won’t be the last time he post something like that. He’s baiting just for the lulz.

Edit: by the way, you forgot to erase your team name propely, OP. Take a look on your char.

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Yeah, I suspect that he is doing it just for trolling, sad. Btw nice Kisuke Urahara pic.:haha:

Thanks for the report. We sent a warning to the player in question and let them know that violating our terms again could result in stronger restrictions.