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Severty buff bug

The Severty effect set is bug continuing on the players even after leaving the party .
condition for the bug to occur: the party member who has the set, will use the effect and the other members stay close to the edge and as they walk out they leave the party, and the buff will be infinite in duration (cannot go back to the area of the buff until it ends or the member with the set stops channeling) The player can return to the member’s party after he gets the buggy buff and the person who used the set can change to another set to have the apkrova, only thing what you can’t do is change maps and change channels, and the buff continues even though you’ve died.
And I am already aware that many players are using legendary boruto and raid to get time rank, because with this bug a skill that would do little damage is hitting the cap.


imc you fixed the bug of the art of coursing, but did not fix the overheat bug of the hunter skills, when fixing this bug you could fix the overheat bug too, thanks.
@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @GM_Francis @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin

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and here we go… @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Bob pls, this results on unfair advantage on ranks and stuff. Kinda frustrating, not to mention the content itself is EXTREMLY buggy since last week. We from Paradise had like 3 Boruta’s HP Bars running at the same time, so cool… ¬¬

please fix this ~~~~~

Hello Saviors,

Our Development Team is already aware of the issue and are currently reviewing this matter. We can only hope for your patience and understanding regarding this. Thank you.

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