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Seven Valley mission

Someone could help me, how to make a barrier disappear to get to the spirit.

From what ive read, its impossible. There have even been people that used Psychokino Teleport to get past it, and the spirit was not even there to begin with.

Hello @mateusramos003

Kindly send us a support ticket to be able to assist you further regarding the matter.

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I got the shield to disappear last night, it appears you can do the legit method now by killing the 20 pantos at the end of the mission to make the barrier disappear

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I did that already and the barrier still not disappear… Did you already read Lyliana’s brother all diaries or doing something else?

the trigger im pretty sure is to talk to the well in Cobalt before you go in to make the ghost appear

the trigger to make the barrier disappear is to kill the 20 pantos at the end of mission before the timer goes down and before you trigger the boss section


Hello. Thank you for the information :smiley:

I successfully remove the barrier, however, I did not meet the spirit (server time 12.00 am). I already finish the Goddess Saule’s Revelation (including all Cobalt guest and the well), found all diaries, and talk to Lyliana (but only got 2 dialogues so far). What time you meet the spirit? Can you trigger the ’ [Not Able to Meet Again]’ guest?

I was helping my friend do it because I already completed it, but all he did was talk to the well in Cobalt, and talk to Lyliana with her 3 unique dialogues

im pretty sure it’s not time based, just he’s always there as long as you activate the well

Hello Lyliana have 3 dialogues? dam i only get two need to spam it to get it or need something else? need help here

just spam til you get 3 unique dialogues, but im not sure if this matters, i think mainly its just you have to interact with the cobalt well before you go in the mission

I see. I guess the 3rd dialogue is the main problem. Time to hang out with Lyliana again~

Hi, have you done this quest yet? I tried like 10 mins talking to Lyliana and only have two dialogue.