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Server on the verge of crashing (hardware problem?)

I was really looking for participating in GTW yesterday evening, but as I was preparing myself in Fedimian town with my character I had serious lag problems (NPC responding after a long while, actions not registered…). Ping command displayed 3-5 second delay. Since I’m sometimes facing IC problems, I decided to skip the event for the most part. So instead, I took the char to some field map to kill random stuff and… no lag. Strange… I joined GTW party to check what lag would be under more stressful conditions… and no lag. After the end of the GTW event, I went back to Fedi town thinking it was just a lag spike earlier on… and again commands started to become unresponsive and ping function displaying 3-5 seconds delay. However typing anything in chat was immediate. So clearly this was not an IC problem but a server problem. I had a low level char near the Crystal Mines, so I checked the maps there. No problem until I reached 2F Lot 2 – then again the game was reacting as it was turn based and ping rose to 10-15 seconds delay. Back to 1F the problem was gone…

And then it was Gemstone Feud time… At exactly 4.17pm server time, everyone experienced a huge lag spike, then the server crashed. BIG time. Back to lodge, then back to server choice. after a while, we could connect again,but the game was in such a state… While most people were expelled from Feud, some reported being able to stay inside the gem zone and being all placed in the same team.

Sounds like the server restart fixed the lag problem, but for how long? Please fix the server, I have no idea if it’s memory, disk space or hardware limitation, but yesterday’s debacle shouldn’t happen again.