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Serial Flagger? Or System Bug?

it has come to my attention that there are members being banned from the forums due to multiple flag reports from the past weeks.

i rarely make comments, so i was lucky enough not to get enough flags to get me banned

i thought it was just an isolated case, but recently i noticed people i normally interact with seem to have been missing

i inquired some of them, and it turns out that their profile has been disabled due to it

but to show you a sample of things getting banned, i present to you exhibit A

a notification of a comment i made being flagged

the comment that’s being flagged

as you can see, a comment as casual as this is getting flagged, though upon checking it was unhidden. but it does give the impression that someone is out to get me for some reason. To my dismay, i took a break from the forums.

exhibit B, a member i inquired replying after realizing their inactivity for weeks

seems to me it’s either someone is abusing the flag function (like how the voting mechanics is abused)
system has an AI that is close to becoming skynet Owo

either way, i hope staff can shed some light into this matter, i haven’t been visiting the forums lately with this incident primarily in mind

Thank You


someone is spamming flags for those he hates or someone who tried to go against them in a way, a series of flag can be found on that botting thread. and if by some chance you tried to comment there against botters and those involve, everytime they see you comment/post in any topic even outside that botting thread theyre gonna spam flag your posts/comments. i dont know why but it only takes 1 person to flag your post and your post gets hidden. unlucky enough i commented on that botting thread and i got flagged down in some other topics so i just read forums now and try to comment now and then. lol

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