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Separate White Witch Legend Normal and Hard Runs

We need those hearts in normal mode also just like the powders in Moringponia … why u do this? We love doing content :3 lets us farm them hearts! so we can craft our Glacia weapons and armors faster XDD

If new equipment isn’t coming, we may get this two separate ww level. But, I think at this point this separation method is already scrapped. With good amount of practice, adequate gear and good communication, 10 to 15min wwh is very likely now. Overgeared pt now can do less than 10min.

Less self-impose farming responsibility is a good thing too. Although, I already stopped playing certain content due to time constraint.

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Oh wait, can we re enter the WW runs even if we already completed the hard mode, to help other members run the normal mode … or need those expensive legend stones …

Wish it was like skiaclipse run …

can but same, no reward…u can even swap yourself with other players(or …ehem…alts) before end/kill and they get the hearts :wink:

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oh, that’s good to hear … we’ll try it out tomorrow XD help the guildies get more hearts for glacia …

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