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Semantic Issue That Might Bother Noone Else

This is not really a bug, it’s just something i don’t see really accurate.

Afaik, a “guild” was a coalition of professionals who shared their business activity, while the templars were an order of cleric warriors.

I know that they are commonly called “gilds” on every other online game and I’m not completely against needing a templar for creating the gild, but Imho they should be officially called “brotherhood” or “order” instead if the templar requirement is kept.

Obviously people would still call them as they do but I believe it would be a bit more immersing and fitting.


I agree on that, not only because of the background in there, but it would make a unique name for guilds in ToS.

@STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_John could you check with the team for that change? Instead of guild could be Order, since Brotherhood is a bit big lol.

I don’t think it’s feasable to change the name simply BECAUSE every other game calls them guilds too. People immediately know what to expect. The historic definition is a different one than the one established in the context of games.

When we say farming and grinding, we don’t mean cutting crops or running meat through a machine either.

Yeah, that lack of imagination is what get stuck into others mind, by the way this game will have farming system later on, if its not already in it, i think it is related to guild areas.

Good point, however if you are going to use the word in the traditional way then I’m afraid your brotherhood will cross other limitations on it’s path.

A templar in the traditional meaning of the word is a christian fighter who fights a Holy War. How do you expect them to find friends for their brotherhood when everyone else worships Gods like Zemyna, Vakarine, Laima etc?

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Like i said, Brotherhood is too long to be used on a game, Order is short and i think it would be nice to be used. Well it is nothing game breaking so i don’t see any issue on the change.

‘Guild’ isn’t gamebreaking either, and players already got used to it. Plus, for a change all relevant text files would have to be checked and changed.

Sure, ‘order’ works too, but I don’t see how the change is necessary.

Its called uniqueness at least part of it, i don’t see why not, many games have 2 different naming for it, be it guild or clan.

This thing of going on the same on and on gets boring after some time too.

I will comment on something different here but just this time so if someone continue i won’t follow:

I see on the forums many people complaining about the most stupid thing about the game, that they want to change it be it to something that exist on RO or GW2 or w/e, while i do agree some may be interesting to have as long as it is changed to something that can be really used on ToS, most i do not.

IMC already stated they want to make a unique game, mane came because of that, some of these many didn’t liked and now want to change the game to something that already exist, if you want something that you used to play when it was on its golden time go play it somewhere, there are the “alternative” servers out there for that.

Now back to the topic, maybe making a pool would be interesting to see the reaction of others.

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