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[Seeking clarification] 3 classes, which order? Does it matter?

Does it matter in which order I select my 3 advanced classes after the base class with regards to skill point totals?

Also, I’ve noticed my attributes (STR, DEX, SPD, etc) raise accordingly to my class. So, to have more VIT, should I consider peltasta instead of, let’s say, Highlander for my final class?
How impactful are these Attributes allocation?

It depends on the build, most of the times if you go for damage the order doesn’t matter, but in some cases like support builds the order really makes a difference. You have to check the skills each of your classes are unlocked last to choose the order, skills you need early on gives you the priority you should follow, and classes with less important skills you be picked last

in this case should be CON, but you should focus on your build instead of the stats, your base stats are not that important, most of your damage/defense comes from your equipment, so pick a class you want to pick, in this case Peltasta is a good option

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No the order is not important. The stat growth will be counted together multiplied with level.

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