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Seed/Sprout killers

Please fix the issue around seed/sprout exp buff, because alot of people (trolls/newbies) kill it, when use skills or use refinement anvil near sprout/seed area before stage 5.
Already fix the VGA issue when stage 5 comes, but seed/sprout killers issue still on, im really tired about this old issue.
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not sure if it’s an bug or “feature”. would be nice if sprouts couldn’t be killed. =)

I agree with this, something must be done to stop this seed/sprout killers. Because this is supposed to be helping players i hope…btw. Hope this is not a ‘‘feature’’. D:

seed is a stupid buff that take 5 minutes of your playing time, and its crashing on stage 5, they should just remove that

Why? Other buff give you: +50% exp (not only hunting monsters), +3 movement speed and +2000 HP?
Answer: NO
And right now the issue after stage 5 sprout buff already fixed, i already tested the issue fixed in this week and weekend around 5 times without problem.
You still playing? Because the issue fixed, only 1 week with the issue, but solved right now.

Why seed can be killed by player? is it intended to cause animosity between players…