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Secret hunting parties


I am dedicated to investigating undiscovered ToS secrets.
Sometimes there are things that I would like to try out, that require more than one player.
Consider Appraiser unlock quest’s Driekple Flower part. It’s not too hard with a party but it’s extremely hard and long if you’re doing it solo.
I believe that some ToS secrets might’ve not been discovered yet because they are similar: they require multiple players.

I would like to find other players who are like me: prepared to do boring, tedious, unrewarding, time wasting, hopeless activities over and over again with a glimmer of hope that something finally clicks and you’re gonna be that one excited, overjoyed guy/girl who figured it out for the first time.

I’m planning to get a group of such people so we can organise weekend secret hunting parties where we experiment with any crazy, pointless, boring ideas that we could come up with.

I am playing on Fedimian server, team name “Eillis”.
Feel free to contact me if you’d like to join.

If you’re playing on another server, feel free to use this topic to organise such groups for your region.


Discovering some secrets from Magnum Opus will be nice, that skill is really cool but super useless.

I heard that someone discovered a way to make a legendary card level 10 from it, but i think he was lying.

I tried many different combination without a sucess sometimes i feel like it’s easier to hack the core of the game to see all things you can do XD.


Researching Magnum Opus sounds nice. I’m not sure if a party can help you with that.
Unless you mean farming for items.

Is anyone interested?
If my theory is correct, some secrets will never be solved unless people come together.


personnaly, i’m not really interested for now

also, speaking about secrets :


Yea. I know the website. It’s very useful, especially for info on the solved secrets.
I’m even on two pics in that link. I should wave my hand next time.


Just want to check if this is a hidden stuff of some sort or not.

When you kill rexi in Mausoleum 5F quest, he usually disappears before being killed. But sometimes he will actually die, and I received Rexipher’s Innocent Evil on one of my characters once after doing it. I also play Fedi but sadly I totally forgot about it and deleted said char =(


It sounds very interesting. It probably has some purpose that’s worth investigating.

That’s off-topic though. You could’ve replied in that very topic you linked.


I actually have this item, but I was pretty certain IMC took it out of the game for whatever reason, you used to sometimes get it if you autoattacked rexipher down fast enough


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