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Season Server WHEN?

I’m a new player and found out that this game is not for newbie.
I heard about the season servers. Will the server be opened again?

who said this game wasnt for newbies???


While Season servers are indeed very beneficial and can save lot of time for new players in quickly Gearingup,

The Old server is fun and not much Different for NEW PLAYERS …because of the high playerbase & marketplace and joining a Good Guild or playing with friends will be Fun and Easy.
you’d be doing the Main Story Quest first which is very rewarding with EXP,SILVER and even FREE FULL EQUIP SET as per level to move on furthur.

One thing to note when playing OLD SERVERS is that u need to wait for the GOOD EVENTS (you are EVENT DEPENDENT) if you are a new player.
some events have very good rewards like the ones which give Trans 8 Scrolls and so many items etc… which if u miss on that, u might have a hard time lateron.

u 'll only hit a road block after lv 450+ and u have completed Ep12-1 Main story quest which fives FULL DYSNAI SET REWARD (Trans3 +8) while the current ongoing EVENT
which gives T8 +11 and SET STATS SCROLLS to apply on that Episode Equipment Rewards.

so if u missed on this (Goddess STATUE EVENT which ends on Mar 8) event, u cant go Automatch , the full dysnai set reward might not be good enough to do normal content.
Not sure why the main story episode Rewards was not already (T 8 +11) and need to be EVENT DEPENDENT to get t8+11 + set stats (bad decisions by IMC).

nonetheless,it only gets harder after lv 451(Max lv 460) so there is enough time to have fun and enjoy the game , which i think the starting gameplay experience is the best for TOS.


because they want people to participate in events. New players probably hadn’t enough incentive to participate because they have less resources to farm the daily max without spending hours daily.

It’s easy to recycle as rewards, and it’s also because there was a backlash from people who crafted Savinose sets when they were given as free +11 T10 as episode rewards. The costs of crafting a full Savinose Dysnai is way higher than it was back with normal Savinose, and transcendence discount on weekend burning is also not as frequent as you’d like it to be.

I crafted the Dysnai set myself and feel a bit salty about the rewards, but at the same time it doesn’t really matter as much , I can T10 my stuff at least (and could +16 if I ever wanted to, though it’s not needed at all).

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I’m sure new players would participate in big event like new years one anyway, when you have 20m slivers on your account event the small rewards like sandras and ichor kits are enticing for new player.
De-valuing existing users sets is a fair point and locking the upgradability of the EP13 set helps a bit, but creates weird gearing bump, when new player need to collect a ton of mats before they can craft and upgrade another set past the event set values.

I think decent idea would be to put atleast the +11hammer and Tra scrolls behind some fitting ingame content, solo cm or such. Remove some of the freebie feeling and make them available anytime.

I will be realistic if you are already complaining about the game before starting to play I advise you not to try to save time and frustration of possibly having come here on the forum to complain that you can’t reach the players who play the game for years. the last seasson server didn’t take as many players as expected so I think it’s a waste of time to launch seasson server as often.


Today they’re starting an event that gives you free gear and Vaivora Weapon of YOUR CHOICE. If there’s ever a time to start playing this game, it’s now. Season server is kind of irrelevant for the time being considering this event.

But I have to say that the event is confusing af. And not making sense in some parts. They tried to break it down in diagram form but still confusing.


says this game is not for Newbies.
IMC announces chance to get easy free VAIVAORA stuff for everybody and other free upgrades which caters to newbies after maintenance.

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Season server been irrelevant given Maru -> Diev -> 5th Anni

Last 3 months just been oodles of crap for free. It has been said in this thread already but if you think you need a boost beyond everything else, Tree is not for you and will be too grindy. Save yourself the time and move on.

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FYI since you’re new you probably don’t know what is Vaivora Weapon is all about, I’ll explain. For many of the builds out there, Vaivora Weapon is a game changer. Most crappy classes desperately need Vaivora in order to compete with good builds. Usually good builds don’t have game changing Vaivora Weapons. If you happen to like certain build but it’s crappy due to lack of Vaivora Weapon, it’s very demotivating factor in this game. So if you start now, you can choose any build that you like and choose the Vaivora Weapon for that class. And choose carefully since you can only choose once from this event. But as how things are going I suspect Vaivora Level 1 will be released more and more for newbs while upgrading to Vaivora Level 4 will still be reserved for higher tier players.

Not mentioning the random vv that is tradable, so if you don’t get one you like after using the free 3 tries to change it you can still sell it and get money.

As an Immigrant from Season Server, its not worth it.
Only thing good is the EXP buff, which is not really that good at all.
Its all pretty much the same except:

  1. fewer people
  2. Low market supply, high price.
  3. Can’t do decent content since everyone is ungeared.
  4. You will experience grinding hell spamming worthless unique raids just to get ichors that you will probably discard later on.

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