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Searching for a TANK BUILD

Hi everyone, i’m new to the game!
I already have a lv 400 bullet marker+assassin+corsair, and i was looking for a cool warrior build.
I’d like to create something similar to a tank, with a good aggro and def, mainly for solo PVE contents, but also for party PVE contents (i dont like pvp very much), and honestly i have no idea about which classes should i take, do you have any advise?
I guess peltasta will be a must to have, but what’s next?
Templar seems too pvp and guild oriented, about murmillo and rodolero i don’t know…i’m kinda confused XD someone told me to use a Blossom Blader for high single target dps.
Advise me pls!

For one-hand sword you can go for Pelta - Blossom - Murmillo
For one-hand Spear i prob would go for Pelta - Hoplite - Reitiarius/Dragoon(Either would work ok).
Blossom is the TOP 1 single target damage dealer right now.

Why murmillo? He doesnt seems very usefull to me :o

murmillo helm increase dmg to shield-based skill, and 2 murmi skill is shield-based (shield train and scutum). also, sprint is fun :smiley:

mostly swordy can hold aggro (because swordman attribut : provoke) and peltas if you want more durable (hard shield, but buff is lost when you auto swap). the other is fine.

What about barbarian+hakka+pelta?
Various people suggest that one, mostly because rodolero is more a cc/pvp class then a pve one, and doesnt offer much def, murmillo is ok but not great i guess.
Tho, someone still suggest the BB…

I found this build: