[SEA - VARENA] TaltHunter Recruitment [Still Recruiting]


:hi: all Varena players! :wave:

TaltHunter is a casual PVE oriented semi-hardcore guild, our Guild Level is 14 and on the way to 15 for more interesting guild events, we are currently recruiting players who are:

  • English Speaking :lips:
  • Active and participate in guild activities :flags:
  • Interested in hunting bosses :crossed_swords:
  • Very interested and patience for end game content such as Earth Tower or future post level 330 contents :shinto_shrine:
  • Be mature enough to take feedback from other members aka no butthurt :relieved:
  • Active 8 days a week :wink:

:bulb: Rank 6 is the preferable level requirement to join our guild otherwise you can negotiate with the guild master.
Other than that, as long as you are active and friendly, we want you! :white_check_mark:

:cheese: Prior to joining the guild, we would require you to join us on our Discord server. Do not worry! We just want to get to know you better!

:satellite: Our primary means of communication is through discord. We host raids and events so is its kind of compulsory to use it as it helps organizing easier.

:tada: JOIN US :tada: via our discord channel invitation code if you are interested :: https://discord.gg/PfjGSUh
:left_speech_bubble: If you are confused about Discord, you can message ScarletRegret or Ersakoz directly in game

Looking forward to seeing you in the guild! :heart:

TaltHunter (updated on 16 September 2017)

[SEA - Varena] TaltHunter Recruitment [English Guild] Currently CLOSED

Me want to join. Hope you accept newbies. :frowning:


Sure! Currently we still don’t have any level requirements as long as you are active. Our guild’s average level is quite high though, so I hope you won’t feel left out by it.

Just drop by our Guild’s Discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/PfjGSUh

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


Bringing up the post
Recruitment drive is on :smiley:
Direct message me:wink:or ScarletRegret in game


Can i join your guild sir, i’m a newbie too so…


hi. is this guild still active? i’m lvl 260 dragoon c1 going c2. add me please. ig: Stakar


I’m rank8 (got both ccsage and sr) and I’m really interested in end game content! would like to join the guild. IGN xFrenzy
p/s you want 8 days a week? I can do 9 days a week :wink:


I am currently level 330 rank 8, Sadhu Plague Doc. Very active recently. IGN Ryvon


i’m leon rank8 warlock 330lvl my online time monday ~friday 8pm to 11pm sat &sun 10am to 11pm




Can I join ur guild ^^ im returning player and making a new char now. I am currently level 326 rank 8, Sadhu Plague Doc. Very active around 7pm-till i tired XD . IGN Raviolite. i prefer using Discord for voice chat if u have one. THX XD.




Hello all, we are still recruiting as of today (20 Dec 2017). If you are interested, please message either MiraiPrism or ArthurLee.