[SEA Varena] Solaire, re-recruiting members


Greetings fellow revelators,

Have you ever feel alone ?
Have you ever feel unneeded ?
Have you ever feel guilty of leeching ?
Have you ever hate the afk farmers at dina bee or demon prison for disrupting your quest ?
if so, rejoice ! You are exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Come join us and let’s be alone, unneeded and guilty together ! :grinning:

We have no level requirements nor a specific focus. pve? pvp? gvg? we can do all that, no problem.
just need more members to actually go for it.

We’re open to all players, preferably english speaking players, but if you couldn’t speak english, it’s fine as long as you can read english, else you won’t be able to read this now wouldn’t you ?

If you are a new player, returning player or veteran player that wants to make a new chara, don’t be shy to ask us for help in doing quest, eq hunt or grind, we won’t charge you much :kissing:
(Just keep in mind that I’m a quest guy, not a grinder. only in the rare cases when giant burgers start raining, will I help out in a grind)

If you are interested, drop a comment or pm me in game, Rottenfanger
If you can’t reach me, drop a pm to our recruiting manager, Astrania

Sorry for the long babble, and thanks for reading.
Look forward for some people to chat with.

Guild Master of Solaire
Praise the sun \ [T] /

P/S : Even tho this post is made on 1st April, it’s not a joke, I assure you :triumph:

Edit : The guild is now re-recruiting, any new, returning, or veteran players are welcomed :grin:
You can now also drop by our discord channel at https://discord.gg/eP8z8jf .
You can ignore the freeloaders in there :sweat_smile:


all the best on your new guild. live long and prosper. and also live long enough to see yourself to be the bad guy :v


Hi, I am looking for a guild to play together.

I am a returning player. still confuse with all the new features.

will PM you in game :slight_smile:

team name: Arall


gambateh new guild!!!
Yubikiri send the best wishes to u guys <3


Hi! I’m a newbie and I just started playing ToS just a couple days ago and really in need of guidance to adapt to this game. I will be online mostly at night. Will you accept a semi-active player like me to your guild?
IGN : Character name - Ryuu
Team Name - TidBit


Bump !
Taking the post up :point_up:
we’re still recruiting ~


Hello, i would like to join the guild if possible. you guys still recruiting?

IGN: character name: Iris
Team name: Ridens


looking for a home, ign Chocob0


me too, just reach lvl 330 here, need an active/semi active guild

ign: GeoStar


Yo I’m returning after a long time. Cause of the lags and such. Plus just upgraded my rig. So now i can actually play lag free (framerate wise)



[UPDATE 24/09/2017]

Solaire has made it to lvl14! :distinguished:


From now on, we will be doing a daily guild raid for Hauberk. We are also still recruiting new blood to join our guild.

Solaire is a global, small and fun guild. We also have a veteran player who can advise and help new players.

Our main requirements are:

  • active player,

  • can communicate in English.

At the moment, we prefer players with/planning to make a Falconer3. But it is not compulsory, we will still accept you.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please feel free to drop a PM to our Princess, Astrania (in-game name) for more requirements and information.
Or you can stop by and say :hi: in our discord channel https://discord.gg/eP8z8jf

Kind regards,
Praise the sun \ [T] /

P.S. Many thanks to Astrania for doing the most work getting the guild to reach lvl14 :sad:


congratz from Yubi guild, keep up the good work <3


Hello, i would like to join your guild if possible. you guys still recruiting member?

Character name : Fioa
Team Name : FLEX123


Excume me, are you perhaps still recruiting?
i just come back after retired about some month ago (focus on searching job IRL)
and now, finally i can play again (only in the night thou)
So i hope i can join your guild, if possible
Team Name : Kokuyou


Hello, I would like to join you if possible. My team name is Vroix. Thank you.