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[SEA-Telsiai] young&naive :hi:

Guild Name: young&naive
Region: South East Asia
Current Guild Level: 19
Guild Leader: DestinedWing
Members: 80

YN was originally a Telsiain guild established in 29th April 2016 with it’s humble origins as a majority chinese guild and has expanded to become a international guild consisting of more than 8 countries altogether. We gather people to enjoy and challenge the game’s content to it upmost limit.

Here, everybody is welcomed and of equal standing, where we play together, have fun and promote a close knitted family culture. Through the years, bonds are forged, language barriers broken :smile:

Guild Activities

We try as much as we can to help each other out in various game contents, as well as internal guild events during festive occasions !

  • Card album event
  • Gem Feud
  • Challenge Mode / Dimension Collapse
  • Guild Territory War
  • Unique / Legend Raids
  • World Boss
  • Team Battle League
  • Uphill Defense Party
  • Guild Raids
  • Lucky Draws

Our Hideout !


Greetings Savior!
We really appreciate your participation in our event.
But the number of guild members are missing in the post.
So please fill in the information and take rewards!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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20 character/

Thank you for update :smiley: