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☺ SEA-TELSIAI: <<Undertaker>> Recruiting


:sparkles:Undertaker :sparkles: is an English speaking guild (in Telsiai) with international members!

We are a pretty new guild, with both new and returning players (currently at 60/80) starting on adventure again! Come join us to make friends and share information about builds/items/strategies and go on adventure questing together!

Other activities also include :tiger::boar:Boss Raids :lion: :wolf:/ :spades: :hearts:Album for Cards :diamonds: :clubs:/ :ticket:Uphill :ticket:/ :medal_military:Challenge Mode :medal_military: and of course :mechanical_arm:Guild Raids :mechanical_leg: (currently Lv 16) !!

Don’t be a stranger and PM Wilkes in game! :singapore: :malaysia: :thailand: :indonesia: :philippines: :vietnam:

P.S. to whisper in game, type:
/w Wilkes (your message)

Edit 23 Sep 20: Number of guild members
Edit 23 Sep 20: Guild Level

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