[SEA - Telsiai] Stonefall (New) (Recruiting)


We are currently recruiting any level and any class, everyone is welcome.

Our primary focus is to recruit players, and once we have enough, we can do activities as a guild, such as PvE, PvP and GvG, as well as any current game content and any future content.


We are an only English speaking Guild.

Log in at least twice a week, this may change as we grow.

We don’t ask much communication we only expect you to say hi once in a while and try to interact with the guildies.


Our rules are simple don’t beg, don’t troll, don’t be negative towards guildmates.


If you are interested in joining our Guild, either leave a message here or message one of our guildies in-game below.

  • Gladiator
  • AngerVadil
  • SMashiro
  • Proudmere
  • Schiavona
  • Rot_Lutscher
  • Arciel

Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon!





just wanna know
what time you guys go online?


Hi Aolgado1,

We usually follow SGT time but we have members from all around SEA.



Our peak times is mostly during the afternoon.


Update: We still have available slots.


Bumps for sake of bumping gladi.


Where can I find you? I’d like to join


Cheers. :slight_smile:


You can whisper us in game @



b-bump. How do I fill in 20 characters?


HII hii
still got slot?


Plenty, you can PM me Rot_Lutscher or anyone’s ign mentioned above.
I usually online around 8-12am in the morning and 7pm-9pm during night.


Bump for more members.


Hey im kinda interested to join u guys. My IGN is TheRingBearer. Usually online from 8pm-2am +8GMT. Already PM one of u guys. Hope to join u guys later :slight_smile:


Hi Im a new player looking for a new guild to grow together :smiley: my teamname is aegeis hope to see u guys soon :slight_smile:


Glad to see you guys are willing to join us. Again, you can pm the ign mentioned above or me Rot_Lutscher. Or you can try pm us one by one until one of us reply. Our members sometimes have things to do irl and obvious irl comes 1st.


Hi, I’m interested to join. Still have available slot?
My team name is Kannakammy.


are you sure youre team is in telsiai?
or may you mispelled your team name


hey what is you team name in game? can u pm me in game? my ign is TheRingBearer


Just whisper us in game Gladiator, SMashiro, Proudmere, Schiavona, Rot_Lutscher, and Arciel.