[SEA - Telsiai] 🎀 BitterSweet 🎀 - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


Hello everyone,

We, BitterSweet guild, are looking for new members.

I. Guild plan:

Current plan for our guild is making a friendly playing environment for everyone as well as a cozy home for guild members. Since the guild is international, we welcome everyone from all countries. Doing dailies together, leeching uphill or going to ET together are what we are doing now beside having fun chat with guild members. (We have grills ;))

How about guild mission, dungeons, bosses, farming,…etc? Of course, we do have those activities. Guild members are always willing to help if you get difficulties :yum:

Guild plan will be changed based on members’ desire.

II. How to join:

So how can you join our home? It’s quite simple:

First, please make sure you have at least 1 character at rank 8.

Secondly, leave comment/message here with your team name and character class. You also can find our current GM ingame by “Taketo:slight_smile: In case he is not online, you can contact any other guild members.
If you want to contact him via Discord, here is his ID: keima-chan74#6869

Feel free to ask me if you have any question about our guild.

Thank you and have a good day~ :blush:


Guild Gallery

8th June 2017 Guild Girls

25th June 2017 - Guild milestone: start to farm practo boss


reserved for future post 2


April 9th 2017 3 slots left :blush:


Today we expanded guild capacity, 4 slots are available now :smiley:


I just joined the game and I am looking for a social guild/PVE. I don’t know how to look for players in game. How do I search for your guild or ign? I am in channel 1 North America [Klaipeda].


I am sorry that our guild is in Telsiai server, not Klaipeda. You may look for other guilds in klaipeda instead. Just a small suggestion: make your character to rank 7 then apply for joining guild. Normally guilds prefer rank 7+ people to low level people. I hope you will find your real home ingame :slight_smile:
Have a nice day~


Hey can i join you guys? i am level 148 currently! am a swordsman gna be a fencer! my team name is BlanketMan hope to be able to join you guys!


Team name: Ryzel_D
Hours of playtime (GMT +8): everyday except Saturday
Character and level: 232 Monk

Team name: oRedXo
Hours of playtime (GMT +8): everyweekday 6pm - 10pm & weekends
Character and level: 220 Doppel (2 class lvl away to rank 7)

Me and my friend are interested in joining. Please invite us on our hours of playtime


dump up for krystal :grinning:


Hi there,
Thank you for applying to our guild. Currently, we are scanning inactive members to get more slots. I will send you message when I have enough slots for both of you. Is that ok? :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s fine. Looking forward to getting other members of guild kicked then lol j.k.



Hello @binx_vincent
You and your friend are welcome to join our guild. Please contact me in-game or here whenever you want to join. :blush:


Available slots April 24th: 2
Available slots from April 25th: 40

Please feel free to contact me whenever you need~


Thanks for the invite! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

no more perma solos! :cry:

Join in everyone, guild and GL’s pretty cool. :sunglasses:


haha, also don’t forget to join discord channel. We have more fun on discord. Sometimes people sing together via voice chat :smile: I will send you the invitation link via message.


update April 27th: 26 slots left :smiley:


Hi I need a frendly guild for PvEing around, and of course, for shits and giggles.

Team name : MamyPokoPants-S
Time: +8, 6pm-6am everyday.
I dont have true main char, just roll equally support linker (lvl 27x), support priest (lvl 170), wugushi (lvl 250 iinm), and a screwed up swordie I think he stuck at lvl110 barbarian death spiral.


Thank you for applying to our guild. Please pm me (Krystal) ingame now. :wink:


Imm still outside ‘game hour’ right now :joy:. Ill leave you PM around 6-7am server time.