[SEA - Telsiai] πŸŽ€ BitterSweet πŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


Sure. Or you can pm me via Discord. I am always online there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love to join! PvE player here and looking for a guild for quite some time now.

Team name: YJun
Time: 12pm -12am (Most likely 7days a week)
Character and Level: 260 Necromancer


Hi~ thank you for applying to our guild. Are you ingame now?


Hello! Yes I’m in-game now


please meet me at fedimian ch1 near by the TP shop.


are you in game right now?


Yes, and I guess I invited you already? :smiley:


Update 2nd May: we have around 20 slots more.


update 4th May: 21 slots left


I did pm you in game, PVE player
teamname ; slowmoon lvl 220 necromancer
time; 10AM to 10Pm


Hi, I just login game now and also replied you. Can you go to miner village ch1 now?


Update 7th May 2017: 18 slots left :smiley:


Hi, I’d like to join, I’m new to the game so I only have 1 character its level is really low for now.
Team name: RockPaperScissor



Hi there, may I know what level are you now?
I suggest you to get higher level to join guild (around lv200+). However, if you can play often and can get higher level soon, you can join now. :smiley:


update 11th May: 18 slots left


IGN: SilverThorn
Characters and Levels: Murmillo 278, Priest 123, Sapper 62
How social am I?: Well, I want to know which topics you guys don’t want to discuss about. I gotta know what boundaries I cant cross. I still value my life. Kappa.
Play-time (rough estimates will do ) 3- 5hrs a day. GMT + 8 12nn -5pm or 8pm - 12mn Except on Saturdays.
What can you do for the guild?: Talts, Doujinshi stuff, dankest memes I can find

I do have 2 friends I can bring along. But I will have to ask them about it first. They’re both Rank 8 already.

304 Sage - Cryo Chrono
311 - SR This one has a couple of characters between rank 7 and 8.


hi there, thank you for applying to our guild.
Are you ingame now? Please pm me: Krystal :smiley:


Sadly, I’m not. Sorry, I’ll be online by tomorrow though around noon.


sure. If you use discord, you can pm me via discord. I’m always online on discord. :smiley:


Yes, I do have a discord. Will do. See you tomorrow then. Cheers!