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Let’s destroy the chinese great wall~ zzz

Welcome to Telsiai, we hope to have more friendly and fun community.

put guild header /embleem into ur will attract more ppl.visual is key in promoting

example : [SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


last comment :grinning:

Can I join? Team name K69ns

X69n here!! :satisfaction:

Dead brain Dead brain :tired:

Bump thread XD… come join us …

freedomcountry is open wide for everyone. pwees join us
we have cat maid, bikini cross dress, shota n loli

cough cough

Are u guys still recruiting?
returning player here.
lv.(highest): 380,
Team name: Damokles

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Hi Damokles,

Welcome back to TOS :smiley:
May I know your online time so i can find you in game.

i play during 2 pm but mostly at night :slight_smile:

visit us in our secret hideout at Orsha Channel3 at night, you will see us there.

i’m at orsha above the storage :slight_smile:

chill a while, i think many are preparing for GEM FEUD. :sweat_smile:

its ok, no rush :laughing: i’ll just quest for the meantime :slight_smile: