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Server :Telsial
Guild Name : Rebellion
Guild Leader: NiteBerry
Guild PR Officer: Revenant6th (Revenant 6th#1894)
Discord Link: REBELLION
Recruitment Status:

Hello all, We are Rebellions. Our guild is an unique, as we are a guild formed by collection of different groups of people and talents. We are not a new guild, we are a group of players who still struggling in TOS and want to enjoy every game content. Hence we are gathered and how Rebellions come up.

We aim to enjoy the guild content as much as possible regardless of wining or losing. We strife to enjoy the process and nurturing our friendship as we grow together

Our guild currently is level 18, majority of us are veteran players from Asia countries. We involves in all game content in PVP, PVE and also getting ready for GTW.

  • CM
  • DSCM
  • Uphill
  • DCP
  • Raid/Legend Raid ( LM / WW )
  • Boruta
  • Weekly Boss

We aim to create better competitive game content environment together with all the players. If you looking for new friend for participant pve pvp gtw together. you are welcome to join us.

We are welcome Multinational players who:
-Active members.
-Mature behavior, no toxic, no hack/botter.
-Able to communicate with English
-Willing to join guild activities, such as guild raid, boruta, GTW, card albums and etc.


Beside that, if you are newbie, dont worry, you are feel free to ask any game relate question, we will guide you whatever we know. All new players & return players are welcome to the guild. You can reply post with your team name and availability playtime. We will get contact you as soon as possible.



First :distinguished:

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Let’s destroy the chinese great wall~ zzz

Welcome to Telsiai, we hope to have more friendly and fun community.

put guild header /embleem into ur will attract more ppl.visual is key in promoting

example : [SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


last comment :grinning:

Can I join? Team name K69ns

X69n here!! :satisfaction:

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Bump thread XD… come join us …

freedomcountry is open wide for everyone. pwees join us
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Are u guys still recruiting?
returning player here.
lv.(highest): 380,
Team name: Damokles

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Hi Damokles,

Welcome back to TOS :smiley:
May I know your online time so i can find you in game.

i play during 2 pm but mostly at night :slight_smile:

visit us in our secret hideout at Orsha Channel3 at night, you will see us there.