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[SEA - Telsiai] NightOwls | We're Recruiting!

  • Guild Name: NightOwls

  • Server Name: Telsiai

  • Team Name of Guild Master: Yozemite

  • Number of Guild members and size of the guild (Small/Medium/Large): 25 / 75 Small

  • The main interest of the Guild (ex; GTW, Boss Raid, Making Friends) / Boss Raid & Building a Community of Friends

Let’s turn Lvl 15 as a guild together!

PM @Yozemite @Czernith or @Izmir to join in game!

hi how can i join?? I don’t have a guild and got kick year later since I hitaus for a long time

Hey, just wondering if you are still recruiting.

Team name: Taro
Highest level character: 333

Returning old player seeing that there is more love on the game by GMs now making improvements and balancing.

Active daily during evenings after work hours !

Hope y’all get back to me soon !

Yes please PM @Czernith or @Yozemite in game


hi, what is your in game name?

Hi my IGN is Venus
Team name Taro

Hello! was wondering if you are still recruiting?

I’m interested to joinin ur guild

I’m a returnin player who knows nothing about current meta on what to do xD and im need a guidance and also a community to accompany during this pandemi xD

i have a 423 lvl character (swordman class) and i active daily

i hope i can joinin ur guild!

Yes! whats your in game name?