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[SEA Telsiai] L.A.V.A. - Recruitment (Newcomers and returning players are welcome)

Remember when guilds were… You know, FUN?!

We started out in 2018 as a low-pressure, friendly and social guild, and we’re back and currently recruiting! We have 2 rules in this guild: stay active and be noisy. We don’t want a dead-silent guild, we want a lively one. Newcomers and returning players are welcome~

So what exactly do we do in this guild? We do PvE stuff like CM’s, Guild Raids, we also have our own Discord server to give us ease of communication.

If you’d like to join us, please whisper KhatsuDoom, Padoru, Fereon, Lantarea, or LittleTown. You may also leave a message on this forum thread!

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