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[SEA Telsiai] Discord Server for Raids

This is not a guild, but don’t know where to post this. Have dreams of memes and streams? Join us in our Discord Server, Legend Raid Room Elsa.
This server will help you find fixed or quick parties. For contents such as Hard Legend raids, Division Singularity and of course the upcoming WB co-op.
Or you just wan’t to hang around and post memes, we don’t mind. :joy:

We have over 100+ active members, that often stream Raid runs and/or other content. It’s a great place to chill, meet new friends, but also, to progress further on your ToS career. A good mix of carefree and handcore.

It doesn’t matter what guild you are in, what power you possess or you just wan’t to relax and watch streams, everybody is welcome. Just be friendly with others :relieved:


Need party for WWL Hard, carry me pls mage senpai

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carry me pls mage senpai ><"

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don’t believe the 2 above, those are carries :prince:

I see u write it down here mage :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

U are incredible increasing my admin work :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::joy: