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Lovely greetings to every one of Telsiai players that are kind enough to visit our humble page!

We are DarkMatter!

A friendly, stress free and an extremely chill guild that is filled with helpful veteran players that are willing to guide and help newcomers and even returnees to reach and do end game contents together.

We are a fairly new guild and currently sitting at Level 15. Increasing guild level is not our main priority at the moment unless stated, but donating talt is more than welcome! > <

The most important factor we need is communicative players. Party invites for contents will be linked in guild chat as often as possible throughout the day, and we expect everyone (including you) to join.

Non-responsive members will create difficulties in contents, especially raids that could lead to unwanted misunderstandings and fights that could be stressful for everyone.

As for members that could not join for reasons such as low levels, low gears and such, do not fret as we will help you in anything you need! Do not feel shy or afraid to ask for help, we are ready by your door. R!

For players that are busy with IRL things, leave a note and make sure to inform guild leader if you will be on either temporary or permanent leave from ToS.

Lists of daily/weekly/monthly contents that we are working on at the moment and in the future:



Several runs per week!

Uphill VH

Weekly party runs will be available upon request!

Skia U, Skia L
Skia U party runs will be available upon request!

Moring U, Moring E, Moring N, Moring H
Lepi raids parties will run with new members every week!
Raid veterans will guide and explain gimmicks!

Glacia raid parties will try and error with each runs! > <
Raid veterans will guide and explain gimmicks!

Rewards are distributed to most active participants!

Gemstone Feud


World Boss

Card Album Party
Announcements will be made in discord and guild chat!

Guild Event
Variety of events with rewards!

Application Methods


Send a whisper to any of our online members.

Visit our hangout area at Klai5.
Look for DarkMatter street shops.

Browse from guild promotion board and send an application to our guild.

DarkMatter’s Homepage

Drop your Team’s Name in the comment section below.
State your time to be online and meet us in Klai5!

Note: Applicants can send their applications with one of the methods above, not necessarily have to comply to each one.

Note: There will always be members AFK with 100% uptime in Klai5, so there is no need to worry. Just pay us a visit and leave a whisper if there is no reply to normal chats. We will get back right at you! > <

Successful Applications Rewards

Heartwarming greetings to our new member.

Link to our discord server.

Benefits of Joining DarkMatter

Unlimited base camps in all raid areas and at regular CM spot.
Need help to remind to extend their own camps though! >~<

Unlimited help from veterans in guild.

No more solo mode!
90% of contents will be done together with guild members!

Caring and reliable guild members that everyone will die for.

No tedious requirements to join!
We need fun and lasting members!

No strict rules!
Eg: You can afk all you want.


Non-toxic community.

Everyday is all fun and games!

That is all there is to it! You know where to find us!


:heart_eyes: wow wow wow, our guild topics??

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Don’t forget to use awakening shop in’s good! :distinguished:

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Here we go! Let’s AFK! :haha:

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Carry me tempus fugit Kayiiiiiii XD

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its there still recruit ?

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Yes! Feel free to drop by Klaipeda channel 5 near the market NPC and talk to anyone from our guild.

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