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[SEA-TELSIAI] Celestial

Guildname: Celestial
Server name:: SEA (Telsiai)
GuildLeader: Lexander
Number of Guildmembers: Medium currently 30+ online average
Main interest of the Guild: Casual, Socialize, Raids, Partying with Chill.


Hello Tree of Savior fans! We are the Celestial guild, an international casual guild in TELSIAI SEA server.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

About us:

Celestial guild was founded and made by Lexander and LilacOfTime on 2019/09/28. Its also thanks to my wonderful members & friends who helped me and innovated a stable guild.

We are the casual guild that makes people socialize with players, fashionistas, party with adventure and share our TOS community both inside and out. It will bring your memories with us any day. I am looking new recruits who are well-mannered, chill, moral and friendly.

Recruitment (if you want to join us, here are the qualifications):

  1. Good moral, polite and mentality stable person / player.
  2. Play time between. 6am-1pm SVT (TOS server time) After your work. Work comes first.
  3. Activeness.
  4. English.
  5. Have fun with Fashionista. (bonus!)
  6. Discord app - recommended for getting latest updates and social.

How to sign up?

  1. PM name Lexander in-game TOS.
  2. or pm my discord name Lexander017 #3539 (much better to leave a message than in-game)

Important note: “Interview nicely”
*Depends the time reply but will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

In Celestial guild, we do:

  1. Boruta hunt.
  2. Card Album event.
  3. Party boss / Challenge mode / Raid hunting .
  4. Social party. (with Starbucks group!)
  5. Fashionista partying.
  6. Organized discord.
  7. Helping legendary runs. (depends by the time and players time only *)
  8. Voice Chat via discord. (you can pm me for details if you are uncomfortable)
  9. Advises / Humor / Etc.
  10. Meet new friends and friendly atmosphere.





Thank you for visiting my post here. Feel free to message here anytime. Thank you and bless you all. And enjoy your stay. :wink:

This is nice. What a guild should be. Hope to join soon - Mage15