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[SEA - Telsiai] BUTIMCASUAL - a guild led by noob for noobies


‘’ Not to succeed in raids but just to go and kill ourselves together ‘’

BUTIMCASUAL [ah sorry, no pretty picture here…]

You probably have never heard of our guild before…because its a fresh - brand new guild!
A guild led by noob for noobies to play together. As the name indicated, it is a casual guild for casual people to play together. Do quests, dungeons, or just simply hangout.


  • the guild is still in a growing state, so we can grow together.
  • no one can be more weird than this guild master, so you don’t have to worried what your nervousness will cause.
  • few veterans[?] to help new people learn the mechanics or system in the game or just learn together
  • a lot of newbie member - everyone can befriend each other, no social or friend wall here.


  • eh u need condition?
  • aaaa u probably need a condition
  • just online often, like 3 - 4 days a week.
  • try to be interactive in the guild. just talk in guild tab, we are a friendly bunch :v
  • give talt as you wish, not really a serious topic here.

How to get in the guild

  • you can ask any of our member to invite you.
  • pm Lastless

‘’ You cannot be a burden in a raid if everybody is a burden :v ‘’


Are you guys still active and recruiting?