[SEA] Telsiai bot report 22-2-2019

  • Server : [SEA] Telsiai

  • Team Name : Leomort Queen

  • Location : Dina bee Farm Rododun Apiary

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 9Pm - 7 AM

  • Evidenceimage


How can a screenshot be an evidence of person botting
If it’s worth doing something, it’s worth doing it right - at least take a video that will clearly show that person is actually botting or macrosing


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I don’t think it matters because GM watch the people and check his activities before banning them, I used to report a lot of bots from gold seller websites with screenshots because it was so much work taking videos and uploading them


But it’s weird because only this type of bots was banned, when I reported normal players that was obviously using macro they almost never get banned


I assume that reports with screenshots only forces admins to check every and each of them, while some of this reports can be easily be false. While video will be much more solid prove and will save a lot of time for admins.

With gold sellers the prove of the guilt can be captured on the screenshot. On screenshot posted by OP we can see nothing particular.


I understand that, but it’s their obligation to do that, and even with video I think they check the person the same way as people reported with screenshot, we are just losing time recording and uploading videos (well we are already losing by observing macro behavior and reporting, no reason to lose more time).
At first I used to record a lot of people and upload the videos to report (especially normal players abusing macro to farm afk) but even with video it’s hard to ban them, I don’t know whats the requirement to ban normal players macroing because compared to gold seller bots they clearly are not treated the same way I used to report more than 10 times the same people using macro for more than 5 months and they didn’t get banned but silver seller bots sometimes I reported and the day after they were banned.
Now I just don’t report anymore, so much work, I was spending more time reporting macro users than actually playing the game and getting nothing in return, only stress because I needed to keep reporting the same people for weeks till they get punished and even then most of the bans were not permanent, the next week they were back doing the same thing. When someone told me that macro necros on Solitary Cells were getting a 3days only ban I gave up on this.