[SEA - Telsiai] ๐ŸŽ€ BitterSweet ๐ŸŽ€ - (Friendly guild - looking for new members)


Are you in-game right now?


Yes, pls pm me now :slight_smile:


Hello! Are you still recruiting?
I tried to contact you in game with no luckโ€ฆ
Next time Iโ€™m online Iโ€™ll try again :slight_smile:


Hi there, Iโ€™m not online frequently these days so contacting me ingame is abit hard haha. Please contact me via Discord. Iโ€™m always online on Discord.

And yes, we still have 10 slots left. If you are in-game now, pls go to Fedimian ch1, TP shop. Now pls.


Sorry I went off-line knowing maintenance was coming up.
Iโ€™m also trying to add you on discord but says your name is wrong. Fail day today :frowning:



Returning player Aus keen to join :wink:

Team name Mutekino


try this: Crystal Arrow#4588

Hi there, please meet me at fedimian ch1 TP shop after maintenance


Update 29th May 2017: 7 slots left


Hello I have a level 310ish character archer3>ranger1>fletcher3>mergen1
Team Name: sf2feilong
TOS Playstyle: Mostly Grinding and Damage Calculation


Do you guys still have a slot?


yes, we still have slot :smiley:see you after maintenance :stuck_out_tongue:


How can I apply? I usually play as a utility support /dps team name is Mavel I currently have a 263 cleric c2-bokor c3-druid c1-pd 1 going to pd 2 and I also have a wizard-cryo c3 and the following builds will be chrono c3 and either sage or psychokino in the future its at lvl 105 I usually play every day to complete dungeon and mission after my work and play full time during my off monday and tuesday PH time i just came back after the chages that they made on the game and also planning to stay for good.


Please leave your team name here. I will contact you when maint is done. Just meet me at Fedimian ch1 near by TP shop :slight_smile:


Sure! the Team name is Mavel but can we meet tomorrow? coz Iโ€™ll be sleping now i have to go to work after 6 hours I need to catch some sleep


sure. If you use discord, pls contact me via discord. I am always online on discord :smiley: have a nice day~


yeah I was trying too but its giving the check the capitalization something error seems that i cant find you


never mind! found it!


@Krystal server is in maintenance. Whatโ€™s guild discord again? I canโ€™t find you nor the guild via discord. :confused:


Hello can i join? iโ€™m only a starting player and trying to find my way in the game?


Hello there, would you mind to tell me what level are you now and do you have plan to play this game for a long term?