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[SEA - Telsiai] Bitter Sweet - (Friendly Guild -looking for new member)



Hello Everyone

I re-present our beloved guild BITTER SWEET, created by Krystal on 15 march 2017 our guild not just in this game but other game too. Our aim is is making a friendly playing environment for everyone as well as a cozy home for guild members. Since the guild is international, we welcome everyone from all countries. Doing dailies together, uphill ,CM together, going to ET together or Velco together, and dont forget Raid are what we are doing now beside having fun chat with guild members.

Guild Rules:

1. Respect everyone in guilds 
2. Feel free to talk and have fun about everything but do not cross the line.
3. Respect other player


1. Active player atleats during the weekends
2. New , veteran, or returning player are welcome

How to join :

1. PM me at discord my id Leafdew#5592
2. PM me ingame Leafdew
3. Ask other BitterSweet member that you meet ingame.


Bump we still open :satisfaction:



/20tiredpopos waiting for geargrind





Can I join? Sorry, I’m a low-leveled scout. Just came back playing.