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[SEA] Telsiai Baubas cave bot report

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : ShadowDeathSquad

  • Location : Baubas Cave’s

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :

  • Evidence:
    He just stand there and automaticly using aoe skill, drinking pots and such, as i know he has been there for many days now.

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It’s not bot just gerneral gaming gear macro. btw standing still macro do not gain a lot silver. if play hand by hand can gain silvers 5-10 times and there are player per 2000+ day this macro just 20-30 players not much for destroy ecomony

if IMC ban so like ban gaming gear will see this game huge problem in reddit



Wait did you just justify macro user? :rofl:
does’t matter if you gain small or a lot of silver. if you use macro then its the same as botting.



agree we cannot play that spot, already fill with summon they booking the monster, please IMC remove pillar there so they can die equal, and ban them for a week for spotting



Bongtos did get banned for using gaming gear macro for roasting potato. Hardware thing too.

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