[SEA - Telsiai] Aurum (moved)


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Bump for more people to chat with me in game!

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im interested to join this guild,
IGN : inj0ker(sage lvl 290)
hours of playtime (765 hours)
always play 3-5 hours on weekdays(11 am GMT - 16pm GMT) , i cant tell specific time on weekends.
Characters : WIZ 3 > Link 1> Sorc 3 > Sage
optional massage : my friends pelt 3>Murm lvl 290 also interested to join ur guild


Hello! Sorry for not noticing sooner! I’ve noticed you added me in game, I will pm you as soon as i see you online.


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IGN: EldritchTear
Hours of playtime: 8pm to 1am on weekdays. 5pm to 3 am weekends
Characters and their advancements: 235 sw2>hop2>cors2>goon1>2
(optional) message for us: will help for guinea pigs


IGN: xiang
Playtime: 9pm to 11pm daily.
Characters and their advancements: 83 Pyromancer Circle 2.
Location : Singapore


hello! i’ve sent a friend request in game, i’ll chat you when you’re online :smiley:


Friend request sent in game! i’ll be sure to chat you when i see you online :smiley:


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IGN: Evoked
Playtime: 9pm to 12~2am daily
Characters and their advancements: 17x, Sword3-Pelt1-Cors1-Fencer1 (going for Fencer3 of course)
Location: Singapore
Note: Returned back to the game with 2 other friends since beta/lag horror times. They are around the same level and plays around the same timing as me. Will be cool if there’s slots for 3. One is playing Chrono, another is SR.


Hello there! I’ll make sure to add you in game as soon as i can. :smile:


Wooooo excited!!! #20chars


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