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[SEA-Telsiai] Aria 2.0 (Recruiting!)

Greetings, saviors! Aria is a social and semi-competitive PvE guild.

Guild Name: Aria
Server Name: Telsiai
Guild Master: Rehgidor

Aria is an international guild founded 4 years ago by Koumakyou. The guild’s namesake is the anime “Aria of the Origination”. As a guild, we put an emphasis on perseverance, community, and overall, fun.

AFKing with the best cosmetics, doing difficult raids together, slaying saviors in the battle arena — these are just some of the things that we do in Aria. While most people call it card album, we call it picnic which we do every week. We also have fashion shows, raffles, and other special events to keep ourselves from getting bored.

We hang out at Orsha ch 2 by the rooftop. Come visit us and say hi!

This is a duplicate of [SEA-Telsiai] Aria (Recruiting!)