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So I know everyone has big important things to worry about with Rebuild, but I wanted to post a suggestion thread for something way less important but something that everybody loves: Costumes.

Since a bunch of our base classes are getting shifted around, I wanted to request some new costumes that probably wouldn’t require too much work but then maybe some that would since anybody who’s changing into the scout tree is going to be pretty limited.

Some other NPCs have their costumes implemented, and there are a couple where a lot of love clearly went into their designs, so I’d like to suggest a few:

anna yorgis

I’d also really like to see scout versions of the Ceremonials (which is still my favorite set), Smart Casual, etc.

A costume design contest might also be a lot of fun! The weapon contest was a great idea, and I think that a scout-focused costume contest could be awesome, some people come up with amazing designs.

Looking forward to Rebuild a lot and I know there’s a lot of excitement for the scout tree. Are there any other existing NPC costumes that would look good that I missed, or is there any interest in a costume contest?


definitly agree with this
some of the weapon designs are really good, also i think staff could spend more time doing other things, they wouldn’t have to think or spend too much time on costume designs with this


Scouts always dressed like…

“Outlaws” cause I cant use the actual word cause its bad for babies :unamused:

Doesn’t that scream “I am a stealth and recon master” :smirk:

Now I might look bias, but I feel like is time the female in a class gets the pants non slu… I mean non-fanservice treatment and get something more casual like

also wish hairstyles weren’t gender bound :frowning:




3 6


If that’s non weeb am in the wrong universe :expressionless:


All characters are from western world games except the last one which is from Ragnarok Online. Gravity made a great work on classes skins(except 3rd classes). Honestly IMC overweebed TOS with kitty ears, kawaii stuff frenchmaid this, girl pantie that and pink or multicolor hair. We can’t even create a character with a beard…


HE HEHEHE I get it, its a joke :haha:

:point_left: :wink: :point_right:

good one…


Ok cringe boy don’t worry you’ll get your bunny ears hat :+1:


is that maggi’s work? feels very unfamiliar with the artstyle


Nah! too dark and in a too safe of a pose to be our goddess doing…


Well not with the crossbow and clunky shield, of course not. :tired:

I don’t care for the modern stuff either but a lot of people love it. But that’s why I liked the 2 costumes I posted in the OP. They’re detailed, period-appropriate (kinda), and they look nice. There are still plenty of NPCs like that, and I think a contest could have a mix of both goofy/modern styles as well as classy ones.

But scout will need some love. :stuck_out_tongue:

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